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Hey, super nice game! I definitively enjoyed playing it (but poor pigeon) Note: it didn’t felt like an auto-battler, but it was fun. Note2: It’s also missing the ‘end’ word in the end, and I don’t think it was done on purpose.

Really well polished game and fun to play, impressive for a 48h game jam game. Super well done!

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Hey, First of all, thanks for the review ^^

I’d like to adress some of your concerns:

Others actions were passing time but not so much, the fix is in progress.

I’ll look the seed order, I think some of the things changed between when I begun to create the mecanism and the updates afterwards. That’s my messy code! ^^

The sell without anything is clearly a bug, and for this one the fix is also in progress, and I found it because of you, so thank you very much!

We let some time to cool off and to be able to see it with more clarity, but we will not just abandon it!

Really nice story, I like it but I feel like not one of my choice had consequence or at least I’m not sure. Each time I tried to do another choice than the obvious (keep the tin) I felt the story force me to take it (and I understand on a storyline point of view), but I felt like a bit cheated on them (and maybe some of them have real consequence). (edit, I read the other comments and remove my complaint about it. I don’t have time to play it more than once if I want to be able to play every game before the end of the rating period, so I can say yes, that for me it was too subtle, I test on some choice if we could do something else, and disvocered no and didn’t try more. I’m sorry about that!) Overall your narration is excellent and very fluid, and I like read the story very much.

I’m not sure of the control I should be using. Seems enter was to advance dialog and click to choose which one I wanted to do, but now that I have a free cam, I can’t choose my dialog. Enter can’t randomly choose something. I don’t even know if it is a bug or just a control I didn’t try. I feel like I tried all my keys, and click and everything, but maybe a previous combinations freezed the application or something like that?

I liked your game it was funny and short (maybe too short for my taste?) The idea of having an application to summon witch is just hilarious, especially as it seems to be more trouble to call them than without calling them.

Nice game about growing into someone else. I like my somewhat peaceful ending.

Thanks, it's ok now !

But, i have some new propositions ^^

1) May the word be recognize even if it begins with a blank or a space ?

2) When we hit enter, can we be re-focus on the text input ?

I lost a lot of life with this errors ^^

Although it's a cool game to lear to type english without error !

It's been a long moment that you came here to post this prototype, but i tested today and had an issue with the second level.  Just so you know, if you're always in the dev of this prototype. If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask.

Hello, I downloaded your game and I tested it. I discover, that , with the difficulty level at easy, in normal mode whatever our life is, the game ends at 120s. It seems like a bug. Do you want more details ?