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Sorry! There is no Mac build

It shouldn't be prompting you to download random apps, also keep in mind this game is Windows only and works just on PC. No mobile.

Congrats!! It's a really hard game, I'll make sure the second one is more fair :pp 

It's a download only game!

Have fun with it :p

Holy shit! Might be time to make the squeakuel...

Thanks for playing!

I think it's down with the sickness by Disturbed!

Thanks for playing! Journey was an aesthetic inspiration yes!

It's probably possible but I don't think that's something I'll be doing. However, making a game for Android might be something I'm planning for the future!

This game can only run on windows unfortunately, if you are on a windows though then download the .zip file, right click and find the option to unpack the .zip (this might be different depending on what software you have but the default is 'extract to...' I believe. Once you have that folder just open "The Wanderer" executable file and you should be good to go!

Thanks for playing and uploading a video! I'll give it a like :))

Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate your support :)

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for playing!

The game doesn't have a browser build, it will only work if you download the .zip, unpack it and run the .exe inside.

Thanks bruh

It's gooba! 




Bro thats so nice of you to say!! thank you so much for playing it!!!

For the meme

Hi, thanks so much for replying!

I understand a drop in traffic but my game shot from top 50 of all games to being practically impossible to find overnight. It's not just a shot to popularity, the game is buried under literally thousands of games that all have barely any to zero interactions. 

I'm not upset about the algorithm deranking my game, if people aren't clicking on it that's fine, the problem is every game that was there before I uploaded my game hasn't moved a spot and mine has been placed to the bottom of the bottom despite consistent clicks daily (over 90% drop). As far as im aware I haven't broken any rules. I'm starting to think tweaking my project is a dice roll that will hurt my game's searchability which does not incentivise me to make my projects better.

Sorry, I know you don't have the answers and that the matter is "resolved" as far as itch is concerned. Thanks for taking the time to read everything! 

Hi fellow itch users, I already emailed itch support about this but I thought I'd post here too to get more opinions:

I recently published a game called "Alvin and the DEATHMUNKS" it's a dumb little horror game I made for fun and it seemed to pick up quite a lot of steam. Infact, it's the most successful game I've ever made and it somehow got to the front page of itch (trending). The reason I'm posting here is because I noticed that in the last 24 hours almost nobody has seen my game, I tried searching for it using the tags to filter it and even when I used the exact tags my game is under it will not appear. 

I thought maybe my game was under late review but from what I understand if a game is under review it is removed from searches completely. This is not the case as my game can still be found by typing it's exact name in the search bar or through my page.

So my game is barred from any searches that aren't it's exact name (therefore it IS indexed), it's not listed as NSFW (nor is it an NSFW game) and it doesn't seem like it's under review... Why has my game been barred?

Thanks guys <3

Thanks for playing :p


My man, you're certified.

It's very possible... 

Hahahaha great video, thanks for playing it! The way to avoid Alvin is by turning off your flashlight and not moving :p

Thanks for playing it man!!

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The second game I made as part of my "game a week" task. This is a game meant to communicate tactility, it's an atmospheric game where you mark essays and put them in a pile. You can stamp all over the desk or calmly stamp essay after essay at your own pace.

I'm particularly happy with how it turned out and thought it might be worth posting about here.

This is the itch page:

Thanks for playing! Sorry you ran into so many bugs, I'm a beginner when it comes to making games :p