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A Zip file for windows uploaded. It should work without admin privileges.

Update: I have looked into this, the warning you get from Windows is that the exe-file is from an unknown publisher. It dose not request you to run it as Admin. The game is safe to run.

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Weird, this is the first time I export a game from Gamemaker. I will look into it and upload a new file.

Hi, I'm looking for a soundtrack for my game, add me on discord Sefan#5301

The games speeds you up every 100 points you get so it becomes harder and you get 50 points for the powerup. So picking a slowdown makes you stay at the same speed. I think I need to tweak those numbers a bit.

Crazy and funny game :) Its hard to stay on the screen even without bumping into the other player.

It would be nice if player 2 could be controlled with Arrow keys or so. I'm using a keyboard without numpad.

Nice and fun game.

Got 3 artifacts during my first 20 minutes of play but could not find the last one before the time run out.

Nice, thanks for including my game :)

The death counter is shown when you complete the game after level 3 :)

Thx. It's only 5 levels you can do it :D

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Edit: New zip file added