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Thank you!

i really like the idea, everything is super smooth, the 3d models are amazing, but i think that you could make a jump system and more atacks for the bossfights. though this was amazing for just 2 weeks and just one person

Thank you! I had a lot of fun recording those audios, also, yeah, the final 3/2 levels are kinda hard, but you just need to get use to wall jump and the magic orb

i surely had fun!

though the music is not on loop, at least not for me, you should change that

Thank you!

Love the art and sounds!

the gameplay was funny

the history was unexpected

the mechanics we're funny as well but i think they don't fit 100% with the unexpected concept. Tough the history give a lot of good points!!!

Keep up this kind of work!!

i could manage to use to them, but i fail very often

i love the idea! i really have a thing with rithym games, though i think is a bit hard to get used to it, i think you should do a extended tutorial, at least me didn't really got it.

But i think the idea is pretty good!

i had fun trying out!

Dark souls in one dimension? amazing haha.
really good idea for this jam


not gonna lie, i was scared.

Also i didn't expect the mechanic change, good job!

i surely wasn't expecting the final! 
Good idea!
the only issue for me: you should say that you can't upgrade anymore, it toke me sometime to realize that i couldn't upgrade anymore, i though it buged

Thank you!!

i'm confused, but glad at the same time

i do like the way things move

Ok, now! i finished it!
Amazing concept! i really hope you make it longer someday! Good luck at school!

Oh! in that case i'll try to complete it!

oh, sorry, what i meant is that you said you we're going to finish it, am i right? or it's already finished? i'm not really sure now, i though that you said that

Wow! this blew up my mind at the beggening, i hope you fix it when you are able to!

This one is really good! keep up the good work! The rule change system is just epic.

i found only one bug, well, i think it's a bug, When you dash you can get stuck in a wall

this is what the world needed. You are a true hero

wow, that was.. unexpectedly awesome

minecraft is already 3d

ok, i really like this one.
amazing concept!

that was hard!

Hey! i tested your game!

is it a bug that the white square/the exit doesn't work?

Oh! Thank you! i was making the game with the 72 hours preassure.
That means that i can make an very complete game!

lol you r right 

so, i don't really speak english that well. do we have 72 hours or 2 weeks?


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Hey guys! i just completed your game. it's really beautiful. 

i didn't have any issue, it's one of the most prettiest games to look at.

i hope you do more levers or a history or at least another beautiful game. Teally guys, i congratulate every one of you for doing something so nice.