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Had a really nice and fun gameplay loop! Had a blast trying to get farther than my last try and strategically circling around the enemies so that I can have a better chance of shooting them while they try to shoot me, made me feel like John Wick lol. This really proves that a basic concept can also be the most fun if given enough care into the balance and mechanics of it! The sound design is great too and it really felt good to play. I do suggest that for the visuals, to make the floor have less visual noise to them and to make the text clearer and stand out more because as it stands I have to get really close to the monitor to read them, the enemies and player have a clear read compared to the background but the text kinda blends in to the floor. Also I suggest that for the gameplay, I think it would be better if it indicated that you had to press space when there is no ammo maybe like make the ammo count red and have a "Press Space!" right on top of it, I think that would help the player to know what to do.. Also for the bullets, I would also suggest having a better distinction between which is the player's and which is the enemy's because it kinda looks the same at a glance (also it blends with the background a little bit). I know its a jam game but if you're ever thinking of improving this concept somewhat in the future, may I suggest adding some more movement options to spice up the gameplay and also a more visual difference for the different enemies (although it understandable that you weren't able to during the 48 hours). Overall its a fun and addicting little enjoyable arcade shooter-esque kinda game!

Amazing concept, beautiful sound design, and well polished gameplay! Got me hooked on trying to get a better rating lmao.. I really hope you further this concept because this really looks like it can be a full game if given enough care... There was one bug in the second level doe where you still had control of the first die if you completed the level with it first, but bugs like that are to be expected in game jams ig.. As for my suggestion, I'd suggest maybe you indicate what value will be next on each direction before you roll for more strategic and interesting gameplay! Overall very nice game, very impressive! Very unique concept and I hope this gets featured in Mark's video lmao

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Nice game with good presentation, took me a while to grasp what I needed to do, but once I figured it out, it turned out to be a fun little strategy game! The music and backdrop are really good and I wish there was more levels to keep you on your toes, but hey its a jam game so the one level is fine imo. I would suggest though that instead of making your tutorial like a wall of text, you would instead show the player about how to play maybe through a short mini level or something, but I know its hard to implement things like that in 48 hours. Instead you could also make your tutorial be a pop up page that appears when you first boot up the game with nice little graphics or something so that the player wouldn't have to click the ? button in the corner. and also I would suggest having a fixed camera or multiple fixed camera views because the controls feels weird when I'm looking at it from one angle. Also a counter for how many moves you can do and a display for what value you landed can also help the player make more well informed strategies because it's kinda unintuitive to memorize what your die number is as you are rolling, and it's also kind of hard to see the the value of what you landed on in certain angles... Still it's a very unique strategy game that I hope you can expand in the future!

Really Fun and Enjoyable game! It has a very fun, and interesting game loop that really makes you addicted to see how long you can last... The randomness of the items in line with the force of your throw may make it difficult to strategically place your dice, I suggest that you either lessen the force of the throw or make it so that you drop the dice and it falls to roll instead which would make it much easier and fair to deal with the hordes of enemies in the later difficulty levels... Still it's a fun game tho! One of the most unique tower defense games I've played in a while

Hi, I was wondering after reading the description if the games submitted after the time limit and within the voting period would still be eligible to be voted on? Or is it really closed after the time limit ends?

Thanks! Will keep this in mind



Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Max, will keep these in mind, Wink was really enjoyable too, I do hope you keep working on it!

Thanks! Will keep these in mind


Thanks! Will keep this in mind when expanding on it in the future

hmmm... Some valid criticisms to keep in mind, Thanks for the feedback!

good birb

Its really fun! Love the artstyle, love the gun-recoil mechanic, love the sound, and love the gameplay! Although I can't seem to get mouse control again after pressing F1


Is it fine that I display dialogue or UI elements on the border? (It won’t affect gameplay)

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10/10 would try again

Its actually a gameboy rom, you can download the rom below and run it in an emulator or even flash it on a cartridge and run it on real hardware!

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Looks very polished, great work!

It happened again i'm using the Windows 64-bit one, I used to get it to work before but now its not

Nevermind, Must've downloaded the wrong version

Problem: on version 2.0.0 when I click create, it doesn't load for like a million years I know its still in beta so can you please fix this for the final release?