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Seamus Donohue

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I can live with that, thanks.

This turned out to be a little less than straightforward, so for people like me who might be interested in this, the procedure (specific to Mac OS 10.13.6) is:

1) Make sure you quit the game by pressing Command-Q on your keyboard or going to Menu Bar > Beyond the Chiron Gate > Quit.  (Clicking the "Quit" button in the game window doesn't suffice; the window disappears, but the application is still running.)

2) Drag the following folders to the Trash:

[name of the startup disk]/Users/[name of your account on your Mac]/Library/"Application Support"/"Beyond the Chiron Gate"

[name of the startup disk]/Users/[name of your account on your Mac]/Library/"Saved Application State"/"com.electron.beyond-the-chiron-gate.savedState"

3) Empty the Trash.

The game is an interesting concept, but I'm finding it very frustrating to play.

First, is there a way to adjust the difficulty settings of the game to make it easier?

Second, on the Macintosh version specifically, how can I erase the Records of past playthroughs?

Thanks in advance.

This is a good game except that it sometimes generates no-win scenarios (such as NO extra power income or NO adequate offensive spells).

Also, there's a problem where summoned creatures in the north water cannot move south, and summoned creatures in the west water cannot move at all.

Finally, it would be useful to have a command to banish your current summoned creature.  It's possible to get into a situation where you can't cast anything because your summoned creature is eating exactly your mana income.

The game shows promise, but the reroll cost needs to be eliminated.  Because of bad luck on rerolls, I was forced into a battle that I couldn't win.

Also, it's not clear what some items do.  Is a water staff an offensive or defensive object?  The tooltip needs to explicitly spell this out, please.

Really great update, this weekend!  It absolutely fixed the problems with trade routes!  :D

Overall, I like the new version.  There are only two things I don't like, so far:

1) The increasing costs per building does make setting up new settlements a bit of a pain, but I'm trying to give this a chance.

2) The other solar systems seem very sparse on resources.

Finally, I'd like to request that, for a given solar system, we be able to look at a table of ALL the Abundance and Harvestable percentages for all of the resources on all of the bodies (once prospecting has been done, of course).  It would make planning much easier.  As is, I have to select each planet one-at-a-time and mouse over each resource, then type the numbers I see into a spreadsheet.

If that isn't feasible, then at the very least display the Abundance and Harvestable percentages as new columns next to the Resources and Rates columns.  Thanks for reading!  :D

This is /mostly/ a good game, but given that replaying from checkpoints seems to be required, it's very annoying that time-delays in certain segments can't be skipped.

Good game!

I do tend to have some problems with trying to place buildings, though.  Sometimes, I'll select a building and then click on the Earth, and for whatever reason, the game doesn't recognize that I clicked on an empty tile and the build action cancels.  This can be a bit nerve-wracking given the time limit.

As it doesn't seem to matter where on the Earth a building is placed, I suggest that when a player clicks a building type from the build menu, the building just gets placed on a random empty tile.


Generally, this shows promise, but the Mars world is generating no-win scenarios at least 90% of the time.

5/5 Needs more levels.  :D

There's a lot that isn't explained or intuitive.  What does "Boost Power" do?  Is Boost Power on a cooldown?  What's the difference between a blue connection and a green connection?  What's the difference between a Level 5.10 Lighthouse and a Level 5.21 Lighthouse?  The game sometimes says of a Lighthouse "0.33 units / sec"; is that all the time, or only when I've ordered that scrap be spent to create units?

I like the game, overall, but I don't know what some of the research symbols mean.

Also, it makes sense to have the ships decide and act on their own as this reduces micromanagement, but then having to upgrade the mines and shipyards for each planet adds to the micromanagement.  I'm not sure what a good solution would be, here.  Maybe have a planet automatically upgrade itself if the cost is less than the per-cycle income?

The game seems promising at first, but immediately proves to be too fast and too difficult.  I can't figure out what I need to do before it's Game Over.

Also, in some attempts, my ship exploded for reasons that aren't at all clear to me.

This is an okay game, but there are a couple of issues.

First, the first stage is extremely difficult to beat without upgrades and the player can't get any upgrades without beating the first stage; I had to use only the charger to beat the boss.  (I only played the Nocturne, in case that's relevant.)

Second, it's not at all clear what the difference is between "Endurance" and "HP". 

Good game!  Technically, though, this is trilateration, not triangulation.

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I *think* I won when Captain Glimmer killed the last enemy, but the game froze.

The music is still playing, but all animation and other sound has stopped.

You're welcome!  Stay safe!

The game is MOSTLY fun, except when it comes to building the spaceship.  Having to drag-and-drop every single piece every single time I'm setting up for a round is stressing out my wrist.  It would be helpful if:

1) ...I could just click a part on the left (to select, let's say, lasers) and then click multiple times on the right to place multiple lasers in the grid, AND...

2) ...the game would, upon returning me to the workshop, automatically place the same ship layout that I used the previous round into the grid.  That way, if I just want to make minor adjustments, I don't have to manually rebuild the entire ship from scratch.

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Very good game, just three problems.

1) The game seems to slow down a LOT when the player places too many buildings of the same type.  I'll try to keep count the next time I encounter this problem, but it seems to be at about 20 Space Mines (for example; I've also seen this with 20 Railguns, if I remember correctly).

2) The Targeting System building seems to have no effect whatsoever.  It doesn't increase the defense value of buildings on the same planet or buildings on other played planets.

3) The Vertical Farm seems to come up to speed too slowly to be useful.  I just go with Black Markets as my first income buildings.

Other than that, well done!

[edit - 2021-May-19]

On point 1: It's 17 copies of the same building type where the animation speed starts to slow down slightly.  Note, I'm playing the browser version.

On point 3: I'm revising my opinion.  The Vertical Farm is fine, it's the Ammunition Factory that ramps up in effect too slowly.  The Ammunition Factory only becomes available in wave 2, a planet will only get played about 5 times (on average) in Waves 2 and 3(*), so I never use the Ammunition Factory at all.

(*) 3 planets are played per turn.  There are 22 turns in Waves 2 and 3 combined.  There are 13 planets.  3*22/13 ~= 5