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The game is MOSTLY fun, except when it comes to building the spaceship.  Having to drag-and-drop every single piece every single time I'm setting up for a round is stressing out my wrist.  It would be helpful if:

1) ...I could just click a part on the left (to select, let's say, lasers) and then click multiple times on the right to place multiple lasers in the grid, AND...

2) ...the game would, upon returning me to the workshop, automatically place the same ship layout that I used the previous round into the grid.  That way, if I just want to make minor adjustments, I don't have to manually rebuild the entire ship from scratch.

Yes, we realized too late in the Jam that building the ship after a couple of games becomes a tedious chore. If we move on with this game we'll definitely add slots to save your designs and fix the building aspect of the game, plus making the pieces rotatable for more comfort.

Thanks for the feedback!  We appreciate it.

You're welcome!  Stay safe!