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Cool and unique game, loved the character design for each size and how you sold it with the sound/music change

This game is awesome…

Awesome game you nailed the Goldeneye visuals

Solid entry!

Nice one

Awesome feedback completely agree. Thanks for playing!

Awesome game congrats on the win, you deserved it! :) Thought the backpack would be boring but then I was hooked. And then the portal! Couldn't stop playing even though I had other stuff to do lol

Love the instructions screen. Tight aesthetic and good controls. So cool wish I made this game lol :D

Welcome friend! Any feedback would be awesome !! :)

Another unreal game! Sick graphics and sound! Very immersive and the controls felt great. Very original too :) Nice aesthetics, great lore in the dialog. Will have to circle back and give this a proper play when I have more time to dedicate to finishing it!

voice acting! with multiple voice actors! the house report is quite long 8) how do i eat the french fries and drink the win? i fluttered my green wings and felt amazing

"Hold downspace bar to adjust the power of the yeet" XD

Controls are surprisingly good!

Love the concept, game is actually kind of hard I was able to rebound off the second jump but couldn't make it up to the platforms in the sky. Good submission one of the better games here I think :)

comfy music

shoot/suck lol ;)

love the aesthetic!
favorite game so far

laser rifle is OP :D

wish there was a way to get more ammo

loved the radar

had a lot of fun with this one

only wish there was a pause menu and exit button but great game congrats on the submission :)

Hmm couldn't get the game to play got network error in Firefox and failed to fetch in Edge

Got this error in Firefox:


The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:

Cross Origin Isolation


But it worked fine in Edge 8)

How do you play do you have to wait for the first $30 upgrade and buy it? Is there something you're supposed to click while the engine is delivering backpacks from the factory
"Dere's money in dem der backpacks" XD

lmao i immediately fell into the volcano from the start :D holy crap you jump high XD my fav game so far the concept is hilarious

Awesome pixel effects! Especially the slash but even the death anim looks ace. Love the color scheme too. Once I figured out how to jump to the other side of the level it was even cooler 8) Things get out of hand pretty fast with all the enemies getting slashed XD Would have been nice to have some kind of score/kill counter unless I missed it wasn't sure how to win the game. The health bar design is cool too btw fits nicely with the art direction :)

I couldn't figure out how to use them :(

Nice graphics! The lighting effect looks good :) Shield bash anim really nice and good character design and anims too. Couldn't figure out why I died when what seemed like hitting invisible walls, was confused about how to play until I found the center statue you have to defend then it all clicked! Might have been easier to understand if the player spawns there. UI and color scheme are top tier 8)

I drank the tea, chatted with the cats, and pressed the switch to end the world XD. Never did find cabbage for the hungry turtle :( Love the squiggly art animation style :)

Pet bat! Noice :D "Click on the corruption to destroy it" if only it were that easy IRL :D I got all 3 totems and destroyed all the corruption I think how do you win?

Nice intro cinematic XD Main character is adorable! Love how he naps after each round :) Even the burgers were well done 8) Great job on the tutorial it felt seamless you just get right into things. Once I realized you can play the game with WASD + left/right mouse button the controls felt good! Once you get the timing down can really kit the enemies like a souls game or something :D How do you use the luggage btw? Was thinking maybe you'd be able to knock them into the burgers or somethin. Good job on the UI, too :)

Great job on the particle effects and lighting (even the cursor when you click)! The game is nicely juiced out :) Cool touch on player 2 with the flowing scarf too 8) Was confused on how to win until I read your description that the bar on the bottom is lava you have to knock them into but now it makes sense! Impressive AI btw

Cool concept! Took me a minute to figure out how to play (have to move the table up to the customer after playing cards). How do you win? I piled up a nice stack of coins but wasn't sure what to do once I "cracked the code" of generating the right card combinations for each customer

Love the aesthetic :) Couldn't figure out how to play, can you add instructions to the game page and I'll come back and try again before rating? Like I tried clicking on the enemies but it didn't do anything and I couldn't figure out how to deploy people (assuming it's a tower defense style game?)

Woah a scratch game, brings back memories! lol explosion sound scared me with headphones :D Couldn't figure out how to play though can you add instructions to the game page and I'll come back and try again before rating?

Awesome game, very fun and polished too!

Nice intro explanation of the game, it's short and to the point. Good use of the theme! I was a bit confused on why you die when you fall just a bit in the first level. One of the better submissions IMO good job!

Nice graphics (like the aesthetic). Good use of the theme! I was confused how to play at first but once I realized you had to push the bricks to cover the spikes it made sense. Cool level design! It's not easy doing puzzles in a jam but yours were well done

Nice intro and good graphics! Really tough game. Seems like the hitbox on environment is a little too big, I kept dying on spikes when I wasn't really touching them. Good use of the theme!

Nice controls, good graphics. The pirate sound is hilarious XD Good use of the theme too the hardest part is avoiding your own cannonballs

Nice UI! Good use of the theme, quick intro to the story, and nice and simple game instructions.  Graphics look good too! I wandered off the screen and couldn't get back, stuck at the tutorial screen "move with arrow keys"

Cool game! I like how you get points for jumping but if you just spam jump it could set you up to crash into a rock. Good graphics I like the parallax BG effect and how the spike thing behind you moves forward a bit to add tension. Was surprised out how well the pixel sprites came through on Unreal, didn't seem blurry or anything. My best score was 142 :) Crazy seeing an Unreal game running in the browser and 77MB! Nice one :)

Cool concept! Got stuck with one evil cupcake left on the mushroom and didn't know where to click after that

The little pixels trails he leaves behind are so satisfying

It looked really sweet but I was confused how to play it. I didn't leave a rating because I didn't have time to read the tutorial when I played it, and didn't want to undervalue the game

Nice one! Although I was a bit confused at who was a cheater or not, maybe a quick arcade-style legend with instructions like:

"Throw out cheaters!" [Sprite of cheater here]

"But leave in the marks" [Sprite of mark here]

I didn't realize you could download the game. We only deployed it for the WebGL target so I think you have to play it in the browser

Awesome logo :)