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Hi! The easiest (but probably least efficient) way to do what you're suggesting (If I understand it correctly) is to create additional buttons that link to the other images. I can't really say much without looking into it, and unfortunately I don't have the time to do so but I hope you get the hang of it!

We will try to have one for the final game when it's complete.

Sorry for the lack of updates on! I update monthly on Kickstarter for our backers. I'll work to post a new update more publicly soon! Short answer: Development has slowed and hit some rough patches but we are still going and things are starting to look up!

have you deleted persistent data on the renpy launcher? That might fix it. 

I think if you don't click anything it won't go away right away, but after you complete 1 full play through you can access the "cheat menu" by clicking the tiny sun in the upper right corner of the main menu and enabling cheats. This will put a screen on throughout the entire game that will let you see how your choices effect everything. 

Having that stat screen available whenever the player wants is a good suggestion I've tried to incorporate into my future games! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! <3

Sorry, we don't currently have a plan for an android release.

Thank you! I'm sorry but I don't take commissions at this time.

thank you for all your support! We'll continue to keep everyone updated as things keep moving :D

thank you for the support :D have fun playing through your backlog!

Hi! We have monthly updates on Kickstarter for backers, but if you didn't back (totally okay!) you can follow me on twitter and I tend to post progress on there more frequently than I do on

You can also join the official discord server :D

Development is still (very)  active and we're trying to get the game finished as soon as we can for everyone <3

No, I'm sorry but a romance option is required in this one. You can play Pinewood Island without romancing anyone and befriending Susan instead but I think there are still date-type events with the guys before that. 

That sounds like there's something wrong with your internet connection or download permissions on that computer you're using. I'm not familiar with Mac, but I hope you can get it worked out!

in the GUI folder you'll find an image called "main_menu" you can replace that with a different image if you like. There is no overlay on the main menu screen, just that image and then the imagebuttons

Some of the inspirations for the game comes from lovecraft-style gods and monsters, coupled with fear of the unknown.

Hi! No worries on the long comment :D

To answer your questions I think there will be endings you like and ones you don't like. 

Let me go into a bit more detail below for you (beware minor spoilers??)

The mutations have special endings if any of the traits are maxed out, but we are trying to balance this because we want the game to be fun, and not hard. It's also set up so that no 1 trait is always the "right" or "kind" choice. Sometimes you'll want to pick the selfish option, and sometimes you'll want to pick the selfless and so on. It won't be especially hard to avoid maxing them out if you want to avoid those endings, though the endings with it are very fun I think. 

I know it's very opposing to what most games do where you're rewarded for maxing things out, so if that's something that really doesn't appeal to you I totally understand!

We do have an extensive (but with spoilers!) list of content warnings if you want to check them out. It's on our website so that we can update as needed. 

You may want to try uninstalling and completely removing the game, and then reinstalling.  It could be a missing archived file, but we haven't seen the error before and no one else has reported it so we're not sure what else to suggest.

I'm glad to hear that! We've been working really hard on the final game :D I'm a big fan of horror and romance as well

I won't be adding steam keys to this title, but I am looking into doing it for future releases :D and thank you for the kind words I'm so glad you enjoyed it XD I will take a look at videogamegeek, thank u for the heads up

PM was so happy someone took notice of the books! :D we're glad you enjoyed that part

We were hoping devs would notice! :D <3

I'm glad you like it! You're not alone in wanting to romance the angry cabbage lol

Thank you!

I'm happy to hear that! I look forward to seeing the game you're making with it :D

No, I'm sorry. The screens and images are set up for 1080x1920

There is a good end for each character you get with high affection. You'll get the third ending by having low affection with whoever you choose to spend time with.

Hi! The game is coming along great. It is still actively being worked on. You can keep up to date with progress on the kickstarter page (if you were a backer) or on my twitter. The dev updates are a little slower on itchio.

I'll draft an Itchio update soon but in brief everything is on track for a December 2021 release (as long as nothing goes wrong/gets delayed!) :D

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it!

I'm glad to hear it! :D

I'm glad it worked out :D 

I hope you can get that fixed! I'm not sure what would cause ren'py games specifically to do that, my best guess would be make sure to update your drivers. I had an issue with programs refusing to open (ren'py included) and I had to buy a new hard drive because my old one was corrupting things apparently. I'm sending good tech vibes your way!

Hi! This is something we've been aware of during planning, and have allowed choices for. We promise there we be other options than just going along blindly :D (Any other info might be spoilers)

I'd be happy to have you consider my game Pinewood Island for that bundle! Link: the game is normally $9.99 usd. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the writing :D I hope you like future games as well

We're so glad you liked it!! Thanks for playing it :D