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I like it a lot! The match-3 mechanic combined with the character actions is really cool. I especially enjoyed the combat sequences, because there was a lot of decision making invoved. A lot of time is spent on movement though, which gets tedious fast. Maybe the rooms should be smaller, or maybe you could let the player skip to the exit after defeating all enemies.

I'm really bad at this game, but it was a lot of fun. The camera zooming out further and further was a really nice touch.

That was pretty fun. It was very random, but I really liked how the trader and the explosion mechanic gave some good short term goals.

I think the premise is pretty cool, and the bouncy arrows  fit really well into the concept, because I could still hit enemies that were not in  the direction I was facing, by bouncing the arrows of the walls. I think the wait time between direction changes should be a lot shorter though. I hardly made it to the end of the second floor, because there was so much waiting involved.

That was really fun! In the second level I could really feel it escalating. The movement was a bit hard to get used to, because I couldn't move diagonally, but in the end I got the hang of it.

I really liked it, though it took a bit to figure out that i could attach to walls (and zoom out). The art in this game is really good btw, the mech looks amazing.

This is a really clever concept! i also love the animation.

That's a pretty cool idea. It controlled pretty well, though the gravity changes seemed a little bit random.

Played the fixed version. It's a little bit difficult but I loved it! The concept is really cool, the art is beautiful and the electro swing soundtrack just adds so much.

Thanks a lot :D It's actually is supposed to show you the total amount of smashed pottery in the end, but that display is currently bugged on the first playthrough.

That was really fun! I think the game escalates a little bit too fast though, so at some point I didn't have the time to appreciate some of the details.

This is a really good take on a simple concept. Also the level design is really great and makes the most out of the game mechanics. I sometimes wished there was a undo-move option, but that shouldn't be a priority in a jam game.

It's weird and I like it. The visual style is pretty cool and the randomized bullets are very fun to play with.

That's a really nice interpretation of the theme. The visual style together with the music are quite relaxing. The platformer part had some collision problems though, I clipped through some of the platforms. Other than that, a really great job!

I really enjoyed this game, it was challenging at times but always fair. It looked pretty simple at first, but it threw just enough stuff at me to keep me occupied at all times.

Well that escalated xD I really liked it, though I would have liked to have a health indicator, because I kind of just died in phase 3 without knowing how many hits I could take.

That was really fun.  I think it was a nice touch, that the escaping air gave the dinghy some velocity. I didn't play it in multiplayer, but I imagine that to be a lot more chaotic (which is a good thing^^).
(PS: nice flamingo :D)

I liked it. For only one screen, there is a lot of exploration and even backtracking involved. This puts this game apart from a lot of the other "one screen" games I have seen so far. I think the only issue I have with this game is visibility. Because everything is very dark ladders, doors and even the torch item blend right in with the rest the environment. As a suggestion, I think starting with the the game with the torch might solve most of these problems.

I really like this game! The controls are really good, and it fits the theme of jam well. Also the presentation (art and sound) makes blowing up everything very satisfying.

Fun game! It goes really well with the "only one" theme and the art style is just amazing. Love it!