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Can we use graphics, sounds, fonts, etc we have gotten in bundles and/or free assets?

Thank you so much for your feedback. I was thinking of implementing something like this but ran out of time! I will hopefully keep working on this game later and implement a money system and also regular customers that always order the same thing to eliminate some of the pure chance.

Thanks for taking the time to play my game! The gameplay definitely needs some fine tuning. If I do continue working on this project I will definitely be implementing a "regular customers" kind of system where only a few orders are random.

Thanks for the feedback! <3

Thank you for your kind words and feedback! I wish I had more time to balance the difficulty and add in a couple more mechanics to make the game less chance dependant. Maybe after the rating period 😊

Great game! It really did take me back to my childhood playing starfox infront of the TV on a Saturday morning. Gameplay was fun and challenging. I honestly didn't think anyone would be able to make 3d gameboy work but you have proven me completely wrong! Well done!

Trust me, it surprised us both! haha. Thanks for your feedback <3

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to put together especially becaue I didn't use an engine and just pure javascript! The arrow key issue is my bad, I didn't take that into account because all my testing was done in a browser where the canvas was the only element and there was no scroll bars haha. I have now fixed that in the code but will only be able to apply the fix after the rating period. For me it was all about leaning this jam and I have learned a lot about javascript so next time I wont make the same mistakes!

Fantastic and impressive game! The main character is cute and the graphics have a lot of charm. The grapple and glide mechanics were really fun to play with!

Nailed it with this game! Great feel, great soundtrack, great gameplay. Title is GOATed and the art is phenomenal.

Thank you very much for your kind words 😊 I tried my best to make a "cozy" style of game.

Ahhh I only tested this in chrome. Must be a compatibility issues with my import of Json files on other browsers

That is tragic to hear :( I have had a few of my friend play it already so not quite sure what your issue is :( are there any errors in the javascript console?

I really enjoyed the story telling at the start of this game. You definitely captured the gameboy soul! I would love to see you add more to this game post jam :)

Just played the demo and I gotta say that this game is freakin' AWESOME! Well done!

Thank you very much for the positive feedback! The fountains are meant to make you slightly "younger" but they had a very small effect because they were quite often. I think I should have made them less frequent but more effective. I also had a bar at the top that showed how old you were but I got rid of that because I couldn't make look as good as I wanted.  It was all a big balancing act which I feel I didn't execute as elegantly as I could have but I will probably work on this game more down the line because of all the great feedback I have been getting from friends and family!

Really fun and challenging game man! I really like the music haha makes me feel like I am at the beach. You did a great job adopting the game jam's theme also.

I think it is a really enjoyable game and I love the style! Very impressive for a solo project and in only 2 weeks! Kind of reminds me of frog fractions, but that could just be because it's a frog haha.

Would love to see you continue to work on this project, I think there is a lot of wiggle room in the idea. Also I would love to hear some goofy sound effects and music :)