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Thank you! I certainly know the feeling lmao

Sorry for the late reply! Yeah I think everyone had that problem, hoping it's something I can fix moving forward haha

Thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad the difficulty was balanced enough, moving forward I'm gonna continue to tweak the spawn rate and hopefully make some more interesting tasks

Thanks! It's nice to see that it's been resonating with people :)

Glad the typing worked out! Getting it to function properly was definitely one of the more difficult parts of production

Much appreciated! I think writing it was one of the more fun parts of development

Many thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!! That was something I really wanted to get right

Thanks so much! I'm definitely looking into expanding this at some point

I should say: it was frustrating in a really good way! I get the sense it was deliberate

Really cool concept! I think the intro being as long as it was made it a little difficult to understand what ended up being some pretty straightforward mechanics, and the font chosen was a little tricky to read, but I really like the total package

Love the war of attrition style of gameplay, took me a second to figure out what was going on, and the controls got a bit unresponsive at times, but overall it's really good

Obviously really topical, but it seems like it covers a lot of real, practical policy decisions that have been pitched, reminds me of games like Reigns and Democratic Socialism Simulator

No doubt, I know how it goes, really fantastic work though!

Super polished, love the mechanic, it's adorable

I think it could use a little more visual/audio feedback when getting hit or hitting enemies, and the bombs could probably do more damage, but ultimately I think this is a really great entry

The ship damage works really well, although I think only being able to have one bullet on screen at a time makes it a bit frustrating

Really love the premise of this one, got a bit stumped sometimes, but I'm also not very good at puzzle games

I love the artstyle, and I love minigame rushes, so this is great. I think some of the minigames are a little too tricky, but overall I'm really into it

Really nails the prompt of the jam, some really solid puzzles as well

I think the end point might be broken, but I really like this kind of game

I think something's wrong, you see at the start I thought I was playing a classic platformer, but then the character started performing actions all on his own, please fix this

Really love this one, it's a cool mechanic, it plays well, and it looks dope

Really cool idea, the slopes are a little bit finicky but over all I'm really into it

A little bit frustrating to get the hang of but I really dig it

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Programing to do list:

- Basic character movement/interaction (100% done)

- Dialogue system (10% done)

- Main menu (100% done)

- Different rooms (70% done)

- Item interaction (50% done)

- Final "structure"; cohesive flow of events, dialogue in the correct order, etc. (0% done)