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I played for way too long after the text became gibberish. I hoped that eventually I would reach something and everything would get color, and the items would get eyes and everything would be happy. I felt betrayed after playing for an hour.

I felt betrayed, there was no end. I played for way to long after the text became gibberish.

Wow, great game. Does it mean I'm bad when I'm still trying to complete a level when the music ends?

Awesome game, who knew trying to connect different dongles can be fun.

Didn't get it at the start, but its quite fun. You should keep working on this.

I didn't really understand the key picking. When was spacebar a jump and when was it a dash?

I think only siege units should be able to destroy walls. And melee units should be able to climb ladders so they do not destroy a whole wall to kill a archer. It is really anoying when you make a army to attack a castle and all of your units die because they try to kill units on walls. Melee units should be able to destroy gates and focus on them more.