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Exactly my words :D Thanks buddy <3

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Unity is free to use (even if i have pro) - I do not work with any of their assets. It's live injection, you inject basically yourself. All assets that you see in the mod, are live taken while ingame with a search algorithm that i wrote myself, also the whole mod is selfwritten and does not contain a single piece of their work. Sooo, it's legal, sorry to disappoint you and not bringing this hard work for free (What is the point here, i assume.)

Edit: Also, about the Donate Button. I had that in the beginning. But i had a LOT of people flooding me with messages because they could not install the mod (Which is 1 click... one...) - So i decided to reduce the messages. 1$ is really not much to ask for.

Yes, it is legal.

But yet, you play a game that costs 20$.

Hi. Sorry, that feature is currently buggy because of the game update. I am flooded with work and try to get a new system running for that asap. Currently you can only build worlds.

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I removed the Free Demo as result about the people complaining about it. As i say: I do this in my free time and cant handle messages all day why they have to pay and the free demo is dumb. So i just stopped it and focus on the main mod.

Edit: Also, you can buy a game for 20$. 1 more is not so much compared to that.

Hi, sorry. I do not have any possibility to add other payment methods. As far as i know.

Then make the mod yourself, if you think it is not worth a dollar.

Please join our Discord for more Information about the Alpha of the Multiplayer Mod.

The mod is in a very early state, as i don't have so much time for it. I do this in my free time and it is a lot of try and error. So this Version just contains the basic build functionality. You can create levels, playing them is still a bit tricky. Things like spawners, zone managers, custom music and so on will be added over time! You can request changes over the comment section.

You are watching Videos of a 1 Year old Version of the Mod. The mod stopped back them and i started fresh. Sadly, the game changed a lot and it is not so easy anymore to add Spawners. Feel free to join our Discord to get notified when they are in the V2 Preview!

If you don't even see what engine this is, then don't even try to make mods xD

If you really complain over 1$, for a mod that has a free demo version, then please go.

The mod has already over 1000(!!!!) workhours. That is probably more than the game creators put into the entire game. These hours are worth around 15.000$, when i would have payed for it at a very low income.

I do this in my free time, spending a lot of time on it. If you hate it now, because i need live, then hate it.

There is a mod that is nearly completed that does that: for Updates and Download

There is a mod that is nearly completed that does that: for Updates and Download

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Because Google Chrome is a little whiny program. Download it with some other Browser and deinstall Chrome :D

Looks like your Graphic card can't process the shader. Try updating your graphic card or play with the graphic settings.