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What Engine Does This Game Run On?

A topic by James Marcus created Mar 03, 2017 Views: 5,798 Replies: 5
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Hey, does anyone know what game engine this game runs on, I am considering making mods for this game.





If you don't even see what engine this is, then don't even try to make mods xD

Why is there no download link???


Wdym see what engine it is. An engine only provides the developer with a strong foundation for their project, whatever the project may be. The looks of the game should be all up to the developer. So saying you should be able to determine what engine it is from the looks is utter bullshit. Don't go shitting on other people for something like that. Sidenote: when we are talking about looks, the game looks a lot like scrap mechanic, which is also from the same publishers: Axolot. They use Ogre3D as their engine, which would've been a really sensible guess for this game. Turns out it's using Unity, and this guy was probably just googling that to be sure.

Unity 3D