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A member registered Dec 30, 2016

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I have that but like 6x6 it's insane (this game is soooo good)

Let me guess, Unity for making it function and blender for the making of objects?

Maybe a way to feed the sharks so they don't kill you or eat the base. I think that would be very nice.

The developers of RAFT are VERY nice. I'm sure it wasn't from them.

If they add it I want it to be optional

What graphics are you trying to run?

Maybe you have to update some drivers or install some software to make unity's engine work better.

Hello game developers of RAFT,

I have seen this glitch where you can't place a floor or wall or any other object in a spot you should be capable of playing it and now its annoying me too. In the game files... Is there a script I can modify to completely turn that blockage off? Oh and also, I am currently learning how to make games with unity and when I am done I would love to join your team with developing this game.