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Thanks for continuing! I like the rain

I want to work on this too, have you thought about it anymore? If you want to work together DM me and we can talk on discord? my discord is: saintsaturn

This is mine!

Thanks for continuing my game! I have first place on the leaderboard right now >:D

So many people doing this for day 2, I am too! 




I was in a pass the game video, and I am going to compete! I'm excited to try this one out.

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This one is mine, its a unique control scheme 3d platformer and looks pretty :

I love driving games, Im gonna try to do this one

I was thinking maybe that was the case, maybe I just need to lower the sensitivity a touch. I dont think it happens with keyboard. thank you! :D

Im sorry about that second glitch! Can you let me know if you were using a keyboard or a controller?

I liked the mechanic, I did get stuck momentarily once or twice! My only criticism at this point would be sometimes I couldnt see where I was going so I would blindly switch gravity.

I was actually going for something like VVVVVV!

Based on the screenshot I was very excited to play this game. I hope you keep going and add things to destroy! Definitely giving this one high ratings.

Pretty cool mechanic and art! Maybe put some sort of indicator on the mouse for when the end of the tentacle is not at the same position as the mouse.

I like the concept, but I am not sure how it will translate into the gameplay/design. The art is really good!


I found I didn't have enough time to keep myself floating and still aim and shoot, but I like you idea. More ways to keep flying might be helpful. 

I liked the prototype, but would have liked if the bomb was a little slower so I could position myself. I ended up just spamming bomb to move around. I like the art and explosion effects. 

I am also wondering this.

The battle scene for the magical swamp biome!

Made it so that on the biomes that transition into other biomes you see a hint of the biome to come on the right side of the screen.

I gotta fix the clipping on the enemies, but the Basalisk looks cool!

This week we worked on updating the UI and adding particle effects to every move in the game!

The game art was good and everything worked well. I think it would be cool if you could do something besides dodge. I also think if the enemies had different behaviors it would be better.

Is there any ending?

Beautiful! Thank you for this.

I didn't know I was so bad at typing....

One thing that was a little weird was that sometimes it wouldn't show me the whole word until I started typing it.

Give me a day or two to implement some improvements from your video! I'll drop you a message when I upload! Thanks a ton for the video btw

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Truthfully, it wasn't developed as a browser game I just thought I would get more plays if I made it a browser game. I have uploaded it as a exe now, I will re-enable the browser functionality when I work on performance. The problem was that the second level is underground so there was a  lot of dirt squares everywhere.