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My play through and thoughts on the game

A topic by FluffeyPanda's World created May 04, 2020 Views: 100 Replies: 4
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Really liked the mechanics of the game but I wish it wasn't a browser game I got some severe lag killing my progress into the game and it's just usually an unpleasant experience but the game so far looks really promising  my full play through here: 

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Truthfully, it wasn't developed as a browser game I just thought I would get more plays if I made it a browser game. I have uploaded it as a exe now, I will re-enable the browser functionality when I work on performance. The problem was that the second level is underground so there was a  lot of dirt squares everywhere.

ah okay thanks for letting me know I'll have to take another crack at it :3


Give me a day or two to implement some improvements from your video! I'll drop you a message when I upload! Thanks a ton for the video btw

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Thanks for making the game and I just got through replaying it I really like the unicorn creation I got pretty far I think the cyclops had 125ish health where I got to before I die but the game then got a fatal error and closed is there going to be a reward system like in other rogue lites where you can unlock things to make your play through a little bit easier? the farther you get? I felt like the ogre+the Goblin spawn was super intense and I couldn't pump out enough hearts to fight against all the spawns+the cyclops even trying to use the chests to kill their spawning points I think if you implement attacking creations that aren't just based off the heart which might not be mobile because the heart gives them life but something like a tower or a turret or something that might help but definitely look forward to an updated version and it played a ton better in the download file! p.s. (My merchant guy was a complete suicidal dingus that kept trying to man mode the cyclops) which was funny but I didn't get to really utilize him xD