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my full play through here: 

 full review on steam synopsis a nice relaxing 3d platformer with some chill tunes a very nice no stress game.

It's a bit weird but objects that light up you should be able to left click and move either by moving your mouse around some are harder to grab a hold of then others.

Thank you again for making the game! ^_^

I appreciate ya'll keep up the good work will hopefully run into your projects in the future :D

Thank you for responding and working on the game ^_^

my full play through here: 

Really neat game the graphics are dope and the world shifting around you gives a very surreal(motion sick) feeling. I can't put my finger on it exactly but all the puzzles feel super similar, but they're interesting. Overall a really cool free to play the piano kicked my butt jeeeeeeeeeze lol.

Thanks you as well for responding good luck in future projects.

my full play through here:

Atmosphere on this game is pretty on point if the sound effects were ramped up a bit more this could have been terrifying. The cardboard cutout still managed to almost kill me IRL. Definitely a promising little project would love to see the creators tackle a bigger project. The graphics and premise are on point.

you as well!

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Full play through here: 

Love the game but even with this updated version that's not the broken steam one there's problems. There's a vent in the alleyway that doesn't work that is a super red herring it looks like it's point to a deck a person is sitting on, but there's absolutely no way up there since that vent doesn't work. That's just something I got incredibly stuck on though it's not important some clues have no real hint leading to them with other characters while some do which can be frustrating you're just better off looking everywhere than talking to the people for clues. I love the dialogue I love the art style and the game plays well I'm sad the scrolling mouse function doesn't work in this version like it does in the steam everything else though is far improved it plays rather nicely. THE ENDING MAKE THE TEXT FASSSSSSSSSSSTER god it gets so slow for no reason even if you put it on fast setting it's incredibly slow luckily if you click the arrow it auto does the text but I was scared to click it in case the ending couldn't be redone and I didn't want to skip anything my first time playing through it. OVERALL THOUGH AMAZING JOB thanks for kinda reaching out ^_^.

No problem thanks for responding good luck with the next one ^_^

my full play through: 

This game is really great for 4-5 days of work. The ending was such a twist I wasn't ready for such a great amazing ending unlike anything I've ever seen before. The enemies aren't challenging but they work, the game also doesn't really let you solve the puzzles you just find something in the room and it solves the puzzles for you. Other then that graphics are good sound effects are pretty well done and the game works plus the ending was phenomenal.

Thanks for responding hopefully I'll run into more of you and your teams future projects this was pretty amazing.

my full play through with strategy for all bosses here: 

I absolutely loved this game. I love that once you find the mechanics the game gets exponentially more manageable. I loved the story between the characters even though we don't know all the circumstances leading to their fate outside of the fact there was a war. The player can really feel the relationship between all of them I would love to learn more about the third squadron. The design of the characters is phenomenal and interesting matching the characters combat style. The first boss is by far the hardest. I ran into two problems though you have to time your last hit because advancing the dialogue is the click button which is also the hit button meaning I had to replay the bosses a good bit it would have been nice if it was an unused key like E or something. The game after you save THANK GOD the save feature works successfully, but after you save whenever you go to menu the game won't start until you close and reopen which is fine just thought I'd mention it.

my full play through here: 

It's pretty alright the atmosphere is okay it'd be cool if the mannequins had freakier movements or sound effects as they approached they kinda look like goofy polygon men instead of mannequins as well. They're a bit too slow to make it challenging I liked that the stage isn't randomly generated or at least it didn't seem to be. There's not much story and all the notes outside of the first one are kind of bland and useless. The doors are kind of a pain in the butt also it would be nice if there was just a key to open them instead of fighting to drag them open. Keys are kind of smol as well it took me forever to find the first one and I just kinda walked over it. I did force a death (you have to force it it's kind of hard to die even when you want to) my second play through it's not too scary screen just goes kinda white and there's a little sound effect nothing too terrifying.

my play through here: 

Game was absolutely phenomenal I loved it! I love the story games you've done as well but this handles so well when you get used to it. It's a bit awkward at the start having to rely on grabbing the cliffs and aiming with the mouse while moving, but it's easy to get used to and the game constantly feels like your improving.

Thanks for responding and good job on the game ^_^

My play through here:

The game is pretty well made, but I think the rhythm could be a lot better and the story didn't really grab me at any point. I liked the art style and there were very few grammatical/spelling mistakes so it was easy to read through. More in depth critiques and thoughts in the video. game's a 6 out of 10 for me though.

Thank you for making it again! :)

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my full play through here: 

This game is outrageously hard the fact things don't stay dead and the AI are actually made to be difficult makes this game wildly challenging. I'm sure there's an audience for this game, but at the difficulty level it's at I can't even fathom getting through a full game of this luckily the creators were merciful enough to put a check point in the demo, but damn. You can definitely tell they put some effort into this game though so if you want a challenging run and gun check it out 4 out of 5 for a free to play demo for me.

my play through here: 

It's alright the story is really confusing and I still don't get it which is really the crux of the game, so if the story isn't good the game struggles. I liked the graphics, but there's not much game play so it's really a walking simulator with a confusing story I did like the horror references on the bottles. Maybe it was supposed to be a story of isolation and madness since it had a shining reference, but I have no idea even after completing it.

All good! Definitely look forward to giving the fuller release a try ^_^ good luck with the final release!

my full play through here: 

Game was actually really fun I would love to see more bosses/story in this game that was so dope. The Game does an amazing job of helping you learn boss fights that can be difficult at first. After seeing an attack once I had a pretty good idea what to do on the next go around with the boss. The Graphics were amazing too!  I wish the attacks had more weight to them when hitting the boss in the form of a hit sound effect or some kind of visual effect. The Finisher move was really bad as well for hitting the middle mouse button which is hard for me it did barely any more damage than a regular attack.

it's an interesting concept but battle tends to drag with every attack being animated and kind of long for how many times you're going to have to spam it because of accuracy. There's no items or any type of combat progression system so there's not much work around in combat you're just kinda either gonna spam abilities to kill or spare over and over. The right side of the map was open as well but once I went over there and killed the eldritch dude chick with the messed up arm and big vampire dude I lost the ability to go where I was on the left side of the map probably skipped when it shouldn't have been posssible or something. It's a neat darkest dungeon type game but it's really missing a progression system to make the battles feel rewarding and less one dimensional.

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my play through w/ notes in order here: 

This was pretty neat 3d take on among us.  It's an interesting  walking simulator there's not much game play or even a scare, but the story drives itself and paints a pretty good image of what happened. I think the ending was a bit strange considering the story, but overall a pretty dope game.

Thanks for making it as well! and it's aiight lol added some definite challenge. xD

Thanks for making it Look forward to ya'lls future games. ^_^

Thank you for making it and well done! 

Full play through here: 

This game had a pretty enjoyable concept but that car is actually the worst thing ever 2 out of 10 would not want as my escape vehicle. The voice acting, songs, and santa were well done and the game works! The game has a very spooky atmospheric feel especially when Santa's coming at you with full butt cheeck clap in effect. 

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is it supposed to be the baboon and the owl on the pressure plates? because the baboon was also glitched where he wouldn't move past certain point on the floor I figured they were supposed to go on the plates as well because of the actual plates under them on the line up but he wouldn't move past the halfway point making it impossible to get him on either plate. If you look at where the baboon is at when the door was open that was the furthest I could push him to the right. I edited it out since I was literally moving statues for about 15/20 minutes. Hopefully that helps.

my full play through here: 

I really enjoyed the game the puzzles were pretty neat I still don't get the sliding statue puzzle the door opened but I have no idea why after sliding statues for like 15 minutes I wasn't going to argue though. The camera flipping and making the move forward control inverted on the boulder run was weird. Overall a pretty great enjoyable game though!
P.S. That jumpscare was insanely rude to about gave me a heart attack. xD

thank you for making it!

my playthrough (starting at 7:20) here: 

I really dig this game I love the setting of living on the edge during the very dark witch hunt time period by telling fortunes to characters. Some of the options open up other options which makes play throughs feel different even though a lot of the responses remain the same. An ending counter would be great in this type of game and are always appreciated I found 3 endings but there could be a ton more. I also wish the ending scene didn't end in the same dialogue I wish it shed more light on what happened to mr. mouse based on what you did.

A very pretty relaxing game the music and visuals are spot on, I just wish the purple fox didn't choose to live in california most unfortunate. The Fisheye lens looking perspective was super different as well not sure how I feel about it to be honest. my play through here: 

Thanks for making it the burnt cookie at the end made it worth it that killed me that kid looked so god dang happy and proud of his moms burnt cookie that honestly killed me lol. That makes sense trying to making it relaxing for the theme instead of challenging.

This was a really nice short game. I love how the cookie changes depending on your score. The music is nice throughout it's a bit simple so there's not much needed challenge to make the game play more enjoyable, but definitely a dope festive game. my full play through here: 

Thank you for responding and making the game ^^

Thank you for responding and good luck with making the rest of the game! Definitely will try to remember to check it out when it releases ^^

A pretty interesting demo definitely looking forward to more of Seth's journey. Mythology stuff is always pretty dope and the art so far is really well done. Pygmy is absolutely adorable. my play through here: