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A cute little platformer puzzle game wasn't expecting a game where you learn hirigana but it was pretty enjoyable look forward to the rest of the game! my play through here 

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I enjoyed this game a good bit the graphics are dope and the story is interesting really well done for a free game that light pillar puzzle kicked my butt though I had to brute force it my play through here

I think this game can be really great if you polish it a lot the main things I noticed from playing was that a and d turn you way too fast, pausing and hitting resume seems to restart the stage, the sound is incredibly loud, restarting the stage to the text is a bit annoying, crouch doesn't seem to do anything besides make you move incredibly slow. and the last obstacle the light moves to quick to allow you to get in and out to hit the final computer I really like the design and the concept and the naruto running for sprinting lol. my play through here:

thank you for adding the continue feature to the game vengeance is mine! really enjoyed playing through the rest of the game I wish there was some kind of ending though it feels kinda hollow getting to the end and nothing happening cept going to restart screen and not being able to restart anymore but a really well made game play through here:

Kinda confused if it was supposed to end at the now loading scene but that fun filled adventure went to crap for our heroes very quickly my play through here (bea quest starts at 6:07:

Thanks for responding and the game again I'll have to check it out once you add the new levels hopefully I'll be able to advance farther and git gud lol

I didn't finish it could only get to level 5 but it is really well made for a f2p challenging platformer even though it has my number one pet peeve which is when you have to restart the whole game because you ran out of lives which isn't a knock against the game some people enjoy that I just hate it feels like artificial difficulty to me and added frustration which I guess is part of the point but I digress good job my play through here:

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I really like the atmosphere it gives off but as you've already said yourself a bit rough around the edges still my play through here: 

So you were one of the winners for f2p game of the week on my channel so I would love to donate 5.00 but your download button doesn't pop up with a donate option when I click it if you are able to change that let me know would love to support your game

A really cool puzzle platformer I really enjoyed playing through this the art style was sick hopefully didn't miss to much on my play through pretty sure this is the full game though

I did really enjoy the game took me forever to get all the interactions because I missed one bad end so I had to go back to it but I really loved how all the characters were linked and you met different characters that you had already heard of later in the game was pretty dope my full play through here

I don't know if I quite agree with shane's outlook but all interactions in the game here

For sure thanks for replying I'll check it on Tuesday  so I can devote some time to it and attempting to getting all the endings thanks for letting me know about it!

I really enjoyed this game the story is really dope and interesting I really liked your back grounds to be honest the music was nice and I hope someday to see an end or future games well done my play through here the monster was terrifying by the way good job not revealing it's true form in the screen shots of the game lol

really well made game my only criticisms is that 14 is a lot of things to collect for a stage when you're going from point A to point B eventually you just kinda get used and burnt out to the AI running around, and when I tried to look at the controls while playing the game the screen got stuck and I couldn't resume, but this is the first scary game that made me screech that jump scare got me so good! Well done overall my play through of level 1 here: 

super short but those boxes were menacing play through here 

a pleasant visual novel can't wait to see the shocking conclusion my play through here at 3:40: 

Short game but really enjoyable I really did have fun playing it look forward to ya'lls future projects my play through here 

I had to play this game reminded me of the charmander episode when he had his little leaf umbrella had to make sure the flame stayed alive! my play through here this game is at 6:22

game play for janitors day at  10:20 a pretty well done short horror game for whatever reason i didn't see the ending coming at all even though the signs were there and for whatever reason this comment box won't let me turn the caps lock off so i apologize for that

I really enjoyed this game it had just the right amount of challenge that it keeps your interest but it's not making you question if you can beat the game for me anyways the drop is super adorable as well probably one of the best free to play games I've played on playthrough here:

my critiques which you should take with a grain of salt since I only play games not make them I feel like the jumping and combat is too floaty and sluggish for a ninja warrior type character I feel like the combat should be a little bit faster paced and the actions should feel smooth plus it seems like jumping on peoples heads was 1000x more effective then actually slashing things which is kinda weird aesthetically usually jumped on or touching monsters hurts but in this it's kind of encouraged cept for the floaties that shoot stuff which I couldn't hit half off being able to aim the shuriken would be nice too once it's unlocked i like that you have heals but it seems abusable since when you die it respawns but you don't lose your charges so you could theoretically max it by dying over and over a it's pretty alright definitely a good start look forward to seeing the final project if you choose to upload it hopefully my video here 

my play through a neat little reflex game would like to see you develop your challenges into a full game with a story or levels to an end goal either way good job hopefully see more from you in the future.

so a good start would have liked to see more room to work with and more interactions with the narrator but definitely a good start at this type of game a major complaint I had was to type in the computer the password I would have to use the windows key to find my mouse click it and then type it but after that my mouse would no longer be locked to the window my full play through here this game's play through starts at 4:38

I really enjoyed this game the music was lit for an indie game the drugs seemed like they were pretty lit in creation definitely worth the play through my only complaints are the ending I wish there was more explaining what happened or showing more of what the main character had actually done I know the game kinda tells you but more context would have made it feel a bit better seemed super rushed at the most important part to make the heroes journey feel worth it or make me realize even more what kind of a turd he was and idk if it was a glitch but my first time going (23:41 in the video) through the 2nd area obstacles with the speedy bois the first time through the two speedy bois lined up together were offset making it near impossible the second time through they were lined up not sure if that was a glitch or what

I'd keep it public for more feedback sorry for late reply

a very good start the mechanics feel super smooth but there's quite a few glitches where the game gets stuck or crashes and the volume for sound effects i.e. shooting stuff is wayyyyyy to loud imo but gj so far my play through here 

it's a pretty decent mod of Baldi's Basics I didn't play it too much cause I've already had my fair share of baldi but if you're a big baldi fan I'm sure you'll enjoy Maldo the same if not more!

playing through the entire game my thoughts at the end of the video

fosho if I see it after the fix thanks for replying

I will! when I get home from work thanks for fixing it <3

so when talking to the rabbit after getting the overall's there's a part I couldn't get past because I couldn't figure out how to make it scroll or read the rest of it to get the next option but it was interesting until that point 

my play through here:

really wanted to play and bit this game but I couldn't get through it it looked really cool from your creation video I just got frustrated trying to play it with the frame lag I had one friend who said he could play it alright but my other buddy that I talked to in the video you can't hear said he had the same issues as me either way good luck in the future will keep an eye out for future release

ay np and I look foward to future releases as you polish it

A very good start to a pixel dungeon crawler the game plays amazingly smooth and I like the mechanics so far pretty bare bones but yet again great start

my play through here:

I might be dumb but I'm having the hardest time finding the download link

had a few technical difficulties on my end cause I'm dumb but this game was hella neat wish it had more of an ending for when you won but nonetheless super cool

my playthrough here:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! and you gotta ignore me sometimes I rewatched it myself I literally saw the tutorial was the screen telling me how to play and I hit the start game and somehow by the end I didnt remember hitting the start game button lol