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Full play through here: 

This game is pretty great it took me a hot minute to figure out what was going on, but once you start rolling it's pretty rewarding figuring out everything. I definitely cheesed a good bit of it with the wiki, but it was still great to see the story play out.

Playthrough w/ 2 out of the 3 endings and full reading here: 

Definitely enjoyed playing through this game it was fun learning about the characters and they seem to form a nice circle with their struggles and willingness to help each other. It's a very inclusive game and the art work is really enjoyable from the backgrounds to the characters themselves. 

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Can't find the game after unzipping the folder. .exe file seems to be missing or hidden very well.

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Full Playthrough here: 

This was a nice very small game I'm not sure what's going on with the W and S keys in this game though it's very stuttery and makes it incredibly hard to move forward or backwards. It is beatable though with the RNG of the heavens.

Thanks for making the game and great job. I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

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Playthrough here: 

Wow this was actually terrifying you guys definitely nailed it. I loved your first puzzle even though I missed the blatant hint cause I'm dumb. The atmosphere of the game is absolutely on point. My only pieces of feedback are length and some plot would be dope even though it might not have been possible with school project constraints and I wish the carpet had a bigger hit box to trigger the final event. I feel like I walked over it a few times and missed the event somehow which threw me pretty hard (rewatching the video I may have missed it too because I was walking backwards so that might be user error not sure). Absolutely phenomenal scary game.

Thanks for making the game and keep up the great work will hopefully run into more of your games in the future!

Full playthrough here: 

First off this is really well done especially for someone who hasn't done much in game development. Some of the things I can remember there may be more suggestions in the video. Swimming downwards or which way the fish is pointing. Check points would be nice since the game is a bit lengthy and the last phase can be a bit tough with the submarine and the frame perfect gas vents. I also got humped into oblivion up against a wall by a jelly fish which was not as cool as one might expect. I took the lost friend to the secret place and it seems like there was a hidden dialogue box that didn't spawn since I couldn't boost like when other fishes talk to you. I had a shark chase me down and murder me while a fish was talking to me about his gateway and I couldn't move. If you can figure out how to do it putting an downloadable executable version of the game would be really great as well since browser versions can have issues. I loved the dialogue in the game I honestly wish there was more it's pretty clever and enjoyable. Overall though like I said this game is unexpectedly fun and well done I love that you added a final boss and descriptions for the garbage you can pick up.

I'm still confused about the demeaning of life, but I somehow made it to the end playthrough here: 

Thank you for making the game again! ^_^

Full play through here: 

Overall a pretty solid game the boss fight was pretty dope. I like that you can get different weapons as well I think that was a neat touch and some of them are cool looking. I wish there was a Tape count or something though that let you knew that you collected all the tapes possibly in level select or something so the player would know they didn't miss any plot. 

I did! This was actually a super amazing first game I hope I see more of your games in the future with some polish they're gonna be absolute bangers!

Full playthrough here: 

Overall for a first game this is pretty amazing I absolutely love the art work and the super interesting dystopian setting they've created. The creators are correct though there are glitches and some are incredibly frustrating, it was worth the struggle though. I go a bit more indepth on my thoughts on the story in the video and the gameplay, but I think it's an 8 out of 10 especially for a first game. I know the name may have been a twist, but it's really hard to tell who's talking when there's no names even if you used describing features for the characters to know who's talking like "familiar woman" or something so you don't have to give the name away would be dope. I do wish there was a final check point so I could see both endings, the game is pretty lengthy and it's really not worth struggling through the glitches again for the other ending.  (Dodgeball was a really fun minigame too)

Thanks for making it was a joy to play through you did a great job again! ^_^

My play through here: 

Creators did an awesome job making this actually feel intense and a bit challenging to be the only survivor really did a great job of pervading the feeling of being a survivor in the film. Watching others get popped as they try to pass you and trying to be the only participant left alive. 

Full play through here: 

This is really well done especially the cut scenes I love the art style. I do think the miner is a bit of a punk for spawning out of walls and always coming to key objectives, but the game wouldn't be a challenging hide from the monster game if he didn't. Overall definitely worth a play and hope other people will support the creator so we can get more of these chapters.

Full play through here: 

A pretty unique horror game some of the scares had some sick set ups that got me pretty good. Definitely recommend a play through both twists at the end were pretty slick.

Thank you hopefully I'll be able to check out the full release!

My play through here my critiques and thoughts at time stamp (22:45):

Thank you, you as well hopefully run into more of your games in the future!

Full play through here: 


This game was amazingly cute and really well done. I enjoyed the meta humor throughout the game and thought the ending wrapped everything up nicely. Definitely digged the fitting music and art style.

playthrough here:

Really fun game I hope a bigger version comes out there's so many things they could add and as the game is now it's still pretty intricate with limited options. Definitely a 5 out of 5 game, but screw them red archers for real though.

Thank you for making it and responding! Good luck with future projects!

My playthrough here starting at 7:58 : 

Review: Game is pretty solid I like the graphics I hate how when you leave a room though it seems to spawn you in a random direction sometimes facing you towards the door you just came out of which can lead you going back into the same room in a loop. The puzzles are a bit simplistic, but I really like the graphics and how there's hint rooms to help you understand the puzzles. Overall a pretty decent game

Play through here:

it's pretty alright there's not really any neat mechanics for being a wizard. The only thing you really have is a double jump and it kinda works in an annoying way you have to double jump instantly to get max height if you jump and try to save a jump for a boost later it barely lifts you for a split of a second. The games challenge mainly comes from your character being slow and having a funky jump mechanic instead of the game itself just being challenging. It works though and I really enjoyed the music.

All good thanks for letting me know! I was like damn I'm stupid I can't figure this out I gave up after about an hour and a half looooooooool

yep that fixed it 100%

I do have a controller hooked up I'll try unhooking it and let you know how it goes

I'm on Windows 10

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Don't have a Controller hooked up while playing this game!

Statue puzzle is crazy hard or broken I looked at the painting and it seems all the statues are facing in one direction away from the side that the white cushion on the couch starts on, but nothing happens I was able to get the other 3 keys but that has me insanely stumped.

No problem fantastic job! I hope to run into more of your games in the future that was great.

My play through here: 

Review (no spoilers): Absolutely amazing the twist is so god dang unnerving this has some really dope story telling and probably one of the most eerie feelings I've experienced in a game in at least a year. If this had better graphics and a longer story there's no telling how great it could be. Definitely recommend one of the best games.

my full play through and review here: 

It was pretty interesting, but I wish the music was a little quieter or the voices were a bit louder it's a bit hard to hear the stories. I also wish there was more visuals that portrayed the story that was being told the rooms outside of the last one don't seem to really have to much to do with what we're being told and the rooms are all stagnant there's no visual aids for the stories. I do really like the aesthetic and the museum looks very nice.

my full good ending play through here: 

I really enjoyed this demo the game seems to be really well written and the translation isn't bad even though I think Spanish is the first language. The translation gets a bit harder to read as your nearing the end of the game, but for the most part the story is still understandable and pretty enjoyable. I like how the story pulls on a greek myth for the story available and the demo and the relationship between the characters overall pretty well done.

Full play through here: 

I think it's a pretty neat concept I wish it was a bit more challenging though. It's also a little bland with how slow the zombies move and the limited library of words. It needs something unique to spice it up like implementing level ups where say you get the ability slow every so often you can type slow and you can slow down the zombies couple that with raising the difficulty it would give the players more interaction with the game. Just an idea I really did like the concept though.