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You're completely fine thanks for responding like I said if English wasn't my first language I wouldn't be able to type read or speak it I can barely do it as my first language and thank you for the game!

The game does play well and was pretty entertaining for how short it was the Developer's messages to the jelly go way to fast though I definitely missed a lot of what he was typing but a pretty cool game! my play through here: 

just a heads up tried downloading the game and received Error message The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the game may fix this problem.

Thank you for responding and for the game I really did enjoy it a pretty good bit I do wish you all the best with it and the game jam!

This was a pretty dope game! It's really simple but works really well and not knowing where the robots are coming from can actually cause quite a few scares I had a pretty good time with it my full play through here: 

Definitely a game where I found more questions then answers I can honestly say I don't quite get it and it's an enigma to me who is andrew? why is he being a creeper?  what does he have to do with the parents unfortunate happenings? After finishing the game I have no idea my full play through here: 

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Pretty dope for 48 hours I like the background and the design of the game visually the game play feels a bit shoddy as it's really floaty and to get out when you pick up the water you kinda glitch through the stage good job on the game again though really well done for 48 hours. I missed watering the tree on my play through but went back and did it super pretty! my play through here: 

It's a really good start to a game there's quite a few grammatical errors, but the story is easily understandable so that's not a huge deal. A larger issue though which I ran into is when getting to the cliff scene the game apparently freezes where I can no longer progress after the king makes his daring jump. The combats pretty generic but the story was getting interesting and I really liked the sprites/music my play through here: 

I really wish you had a donation option like a bunch of Games do I absolutely adored this game and you definitely deserve support for the work you all put it into it, it was wonderful and I enjoyed all the stories within it. my play through here:  

Thanks for making the game! Good luck with your future projects! :D

Thanks for making the game and replying I appreciate it good job again!

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I actually did enjoy this game a great deal the grammar and typo's weren't too bad comparatively to some games the story was still easy to understand which is the main thing. Game has a few glitches which made me start over cause I'm dumb and I didn't save if you go in the market where the delivery girl works you can't get out if you take a certain path in the town before the fight it resets the town so you can't progress and just have navina following you. Overall very well done for a first attempt my game play here: 

The graphics are pretty dope and it's a nice chill game with a pretty good sound track. I think I broke it a bit by moving them and clicking through the conversations at the same time the first time I played through and it's incredibly short but a nice conversations about friends as they get older and reminisce about their lives a bit pretty cool game. my play through here: 

Thanks for making the game and responding I wish you all the best with it, the game had a ton of promise! Look forward to the future updates!

I really liked the premise of the game and it's a pretty dope concept but the AI likes to hug the corners and auto hit you they'll just camp until you come in the room and if you get unlucky the fires can actually spawn where you can't finish the game without restarting and the characters hit box is all kind of wonky but it plays pretty alright and again the premise was pretty cool I also couldn't read the upgrades because they were in spanish while everything else was in english my play through here: 

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Making the video was my pleasure and thank you for responding and making the game! I'm glad you enjoyed the video if you do end up picking it up again and adding more to it I'd love to see more of it!

PS: I also wish I would have read the story you put on your game's page before I played I love stuff like that if you could implement that more in the actual game that would be super cool! Thanks again for responding :D

Thanks for responding back! Those are all great answers and I think you accomplished that! I look forward to your future projects this game was a breath of fresh air and different definitely my fault for not figuring out the first phase better there was a ton of thinking to figure things out which definitely is more of a good thing then a bad thing for sure I just didn't think good enough for that final phase thanks again!

man I loved this game it was super cool and different never really played anything like it before. Some suggestions possibly put some text in the cut scenes i think?? I got the gist but I'm not sure. The final boss fight when you figure out phase one it still takes forever to get past phase one which is super frustrating when phase 2 is a reaction/skill test that for me at least was insanely difficult so grinding through phase 1 just was so frustrating to have to get the opportunity to attempt phase two again. Yet again though loved the game and it was super dope! My play through here: 

Unity.dll was not found after unzipping and attempting to play the windows version.

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Hello! I gave your game a play through and it seems if you get to the second stage and die it won't let you click the try again button and sometimes you only die twice and get the you are died scene. A suggestion I left out of the video that would be nice is when you jump on something to kill it maybe a little bounce like when you kill a goomba in mario would be nice instead of it just disappearing. Great job on the game look forward to the full release really enjoyed the music and the fact you can wall jump up anything!

Great start to a horror game the eerie silence made the scares a lot more impactful really dope for a prototype keep up the good work! my play through here: 

I checked it out my thoughts on the game and play through here!: 

This game was incredibly fun I enjoyed the story and it does a really good job of making you have to fully understand the mechanics to progress and think through obstacles. This game is a nice break from platformers that are insanely difficult because they require frame perfect jumps to progress. The story and the final boss fight were super cool too! my full play through here: 

Haha thanks and sorry for the overreaction in the video whining about it I had just tried to do a walk through on a skill platformer and failed so I was in a mood. I actually jump scared myself editing the video cause I screamed when I skipped one XD. I saw you added colored tiles for the dialogue areas which is a really smart way to tackle it!

if you make the wrong choice it literally takes like 20 seconds to go back and choose the other choice, but to each their own!

Thank you again!

Thanks for responding and good job on the game again! 

This game was actually pretty fun my main complaint is that the movement key is also the action key so I had to play through it twice to see some of the dialogue but it's short, so it was worth it also a little more depth with any of the characters would have been cool the world was definitely interesting enough but really well done again! my play through here: 

Pretty fun wish there was an ending cut scene and not sure if I got everything or not but all the list was checked the game play was interesting with the grappling hook being forever long kinda hard to land on smaller platforms if you couldn't attack it from the top, but take my critiques with a grain of salt hellaciously drunk my play through here! 

Thanks for making it dude was still pretty fun to play through and I appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know good luck in the future hopefully will see more of your games.

So I got all 8 seeds, but only saw 7 plots of land to plant the seeds in I planted the last seed in one of the 7 plots again is there a way to get an ending or do you just get the seeds and that's it? Overall though pretty enjoyable relaxing game wish there was an ending though or I wish I would have found it if there was one. my play through here: 

Help one Doggo find different ways to sleep! my play through here: 

You as well thanks for making the game!

Thank you for making the game wish you all the best in the future with your game design!

Wish you could wave at the animals the game is a bit bare bones but it accomplishes pretty much what was advertised you go around and wave at people my play through here: 

Pretty decent bullet hell wish there were a bit more varied upgrades kinda just maxed bow and proceeded to murder everything it plays well though! my play through here: starts at 2:43 

A short little puzzle platformer pretty simple and relaxing my full play through here: 

sorry for the late response but for not playtesting it much it was overall a very complete and enjoyable game well done again!

This game starts out easy then ramps up to pretty freaking challenging which is exactly what you want in a puzzle all the levels feel pretty well thought out and it was a good bit of fun my play through here: 

A very good first attempt at a 3d platformer and jelly bean is adorable I would love to see you make a larger game with more elements this was a great start my play through here: