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Very nice pixel graphics! 

The controls are a bit difficult to use but the game is really fun overall!

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Nice and simple aesthetic, but the gameplay is a bit repetitive and controlling the jumps a bit difficult.

Overall a cool game!

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Fun game! The mechanics were really cool, the jump animation was a bit stiff.

Music and sfx were really matching the game aesthetic.

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Good job! It is funny  and the music is really good.

It's a bit frustrating to spam click to shot, maybe the fire rate could be fixed and different for each weapon.

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The game is a bit difficult to play (an introduction screen with keyboard settings would make it more accesible), but the overall idea seems cool.

Would love to try the improved version! 

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Good job with the atmosphere and the graphic assets, a good creepy music would make it even more immersive.

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Cool idea! the puzzles were great!
The paradox idea was really interesting and the visuals too

Maybe you could add the "Restart Level" as a consumable, so that it is not used too frequently by the players.

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Cool idea! The graphics were really cool!

I found a little too frustrating tring to clib a ladder with inverted controls and superspeed. On the first room it is possible to glitch out of the room running against the walls.

The puzzles were really cool, maybe you could add an overlay when you die with the current amount of deaths.

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Nice entry! Our first idea too was to make a platform game where you could use dead bodies to solve puzzles, nice twist on the concept.

The art is minimal and cool, I loved the pseudo particle effects on the jump animation.

I liked the sound fx, with a little bit of music it would elevate the experience a lot.

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The game is super fun, the theme of the jam was takled in a very interesting way. I found the car a bit hard to manouver, but I think that it is part of the fun!

Overall coll idea and implementation, bravo!

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Nice concept, as an addition you could set a way for the radar to identify the bugs, so that you can choose which to follow. 
Moreover, there is not a clear objective and a game over.

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Really great job, you took a simple idea and built on it with a lot of creativity, I really enjoyed discovering all the powers of the different cats.  The music loop was a bit short but very catchy and the graphics and animations are amazing. The idea is really worth to expand in a complete game.

If you want, check out out game too, thank you!

Ohhh you're so sexy don't kill yourself! The dialogues are hilarious.

The 3D models are simple but good. I found the camera a bit too fast and the character controller a bit stiff with too much friction on the walls.

Nice entry though, good luck for the jam!

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The graphics are good, especially the background art. But the game overall needs some major improvements. Maybe it's just me, but I dont really get the relation with the jam theme. The gameplay also needs balancing, after you build the first turret it is almost useless to build the others, because one is already too powerful. 

 The intro is very well done and the music and sound effects are solid. Good job!

If you have spare time, it would be awesome if you could check our game too, thank you!

IS THIS LOSS????? Ok now I'm being seriously, the game is really good and I think that you interpreted the theme in a fresh and creative way.

The puzzles were challenging and fun and the graphics are really solid.

I enjoyed the music and the sound fx, If I read the credits right you hired a pro musician didn't you?

Overall it think this is a great entry, good luck for the competition!

If you got time it would be awesome if you could check our game too!

Very nice little game, the various ways to try to die were very funny and creative. A little bit boring graphically, but the music and the sound effects were well made. Good job!

If you want, try our game too and rate it, thank you!

Nice one! The art was really good but the game requires a little bit more refinement such as visual feedback when you hit an enemy and better hitboxes.

I found the enemy spawn in some room to be kinda frustrating because I felt that I couldn't avoid it.

The music was nice but the sound fx were a bit over the top.

Good job mate!

It would be awesome if you could check our game too. Thank you!

Oh, i'm so sorry, this is not the complete story, you played a bugged version. If you want to play the whole story download the current version. Thank for the comment!

Thank you for the feedback, maybe after the jam we will expand the game!

I'm glad you did enjoy our game!  Thank you!

Yeah, we know, for the jam the only resolution we tested the game on was fullHD. After the jam we will improve the compatibility with every resolution. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed your game too!

Nice game, a bit boring at the start. I would enjoyed the attacks more if they were directed towards the mouse cursor. Good job overall.

Very interesting idea, i really like your interpretation of the theme, it's very original. The graphic is simple but functional. The background music fits the park theme, but in a short amount of time becomes repetitive and i had to turn it off. The game is already fun but it could be improved introducing some button to pause / speed up time.

Really nice work overall.

Thank you a lot!!

The art of the game is amazing, it reminded me of Limbo. The music fits perfectly the atmosphere. The story is compelling but I did't completely dig into the ending. The mood was very enjoyable overall even if I don't think the game fits the theme of the jam very well. Nice work!!

Amazing mood achieved through stunning graphics and really solid audio. Maybe some particle effects were over the top and could have been toned down. I found the subconscious theme really interesting but underdeveloped probably because of the time constraints of the jam. Impressive job for a one man game!!

First things first, I generally like the idea of "reactive music" but if you want to go that way two piano notes an octave apart are clearly not enough. I think the mood of the game is enjoyable and interesting for a platformer but the execution is lackluster. I found the dialogues between the player and the "spirit" character a little bit cheesy. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea. 

I also think it's a problem that you can't discern truths from lies in any way except from choosing a path and realising it afterwards, it kinda makes the game not a liar, but simply a random one!

The best things in the game, in my opinion, were the main character design, her animations and the general platform level design.

Very polished gamed, both in graphics and audio! 

It felt kinda difficult and way too long for a Jam, but it was fun and enjoyable playing it!

We got stuck into a couple of bugs when we needed to revive at some checkpoints in the tutorial and the other important thing that needs to be fixed is the invulnerability time because it's way too short, especially when meeting spikes!

Overall the game is very nice, the character editor is a fun part of the game itself!

The feeling when playing this game is just the same after buying one!  It's complete, the graphics and the effects are simple and polished, the mechanics of the game is innovative and may actually get popular on the AppStore, controlling the character is tricky, but in a fun way, and the power ups make you feel the difference between every gun!

More than a solid entry, that's game, probably not  even fitting the theme much, but still I've enjoyed playing it a lot!

See you on twitch tv! =)

This videogame is my favourite by far! It's incredibly fun and polished both in graphics and design, the music could be better but still it fits the general mood... 
Amazing job!

The graphics were amazing, the levels are fun and very polished but we think a checkpoint system is pretty much essential, especially after passing the first two rooms. The audio is good overall and the arrangement is interesting but we think the loop is a little bit short. The sound effects are great though! Overall it reminded some of us of portal. Great work!

The idea was interesting, we didn't particularly liked the morality check at the end of the game, maybe because we are italian, you know mafia, pizza, mandolino... just joking ahah

Very nice music and very responsive control, great job!

I found it very difficoult to play, but really enjoed the settings and the overall mechanics!

Amazing writing, the evolution of the story was totally not expected and managed to scare me at some points.

Great job, expecially since it is your first project!

Very nice concept and fun gameplay (expecially the coop part). I suggest you to write the commands somewhere, at least in the game description., because i had a hard time finding them. Was it normal that there was no sound?

Totally loved the atmosphere and the overall mood.

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 Sorry to ear that! If the info button doesn't help you, try to push the start button against something solid in the center of the screen.

Yeah, except for the bugs I really enjoyed the game.