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The is great , but the gravity mechanic isnt intuitive until u read that is theme about.
Really loved the cute art and the sfx of the game

Really great on the  change of pace from dice rolling games.

A tutorial or at least a pause button would be helpful , since the game started faaar too quick , and due to the lack of feedback I legit thought the title screen was loading..... (I know I was dumb).

 I think this game could have benefited from being a 2d game rather a 3d one . Since practically valuable thing could be replicated in 2d with ease, and then the team could have focused more on the art. 


Spooky Scary Skeletons 

Hey sorry for the late reply. 

The theme was "roll of the dice" Which can be interpreted as risking taking too. Here we have followed that meaning of roll of the dice 

Yea we realised that far too late, to implement any remedy for that. 

Thanks for the complement of design. 

-Lead Game Designer 

Hey sorry for the late reply. 

Yea we had some issues regarding the car controls, we weren't able to test due to lacking in time tbh. 

The way we are following the theme is the idiomatic approach of the theme that is, risk taking. The way in our game that we take risk is that, by placing traps you could also fall for the traps so you are risking falling into the traps yourself by placing the traps. Hence you risk whether placing the traps would hinder the enemy enough or would you just fall into it. 

Hence following the theme. 

Thanks for playing the game 

Well there is the other way that we are following the theme , that is when the player uses seasoning .. They get extra points with the risk taking of decreasing the time remaining.

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I would just say that is doubly great interpretation of the theme.(I died at first roll ;-;)

Ahh making a decision with  gamble to more of a gamble

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Really like the way of manipulating the dice roll mechanic , but I felt the difficulty curve to be a wonky. 

And the art is also great 

Great concept , but i would have preferred a bit more of the puzzle blocks . Not gonna lie it felt like a puzzle due to low amount of sets of rooms that u were using to generating. Also I would suggest to add something a difficulty meter (hidden) , that would bombard newbies to hard rooms and the inverse (hence making the high score depend on a decent amount of luck)

Ahh its great then if you realized the problem , since a lot of time the difficulty is not recognized by the devs , due them being used to testing the game.

Really liked the game , only main issue was that the game picked up tooo quick. 

To be honest this would be a better game and far easier game on a mobile phone , giving em a huge edge.

Damn unreal engine game in a jam.. 

That was beyond expectations , I thought it was bloated unity 3d assets.

Game is great , but music is probably toooooo intense 

Great game , with great sound design. Just hated the part when some of the protons wouldn't follow the magnet hence ruining my plans

Well it might be a brain fart on the first part for me , that the way colors interacted wasn't really obvious at first since sometimes it was the both of the magnetic fields would make something shoot some of the colors at far higher speeds than expected (I know about elliptical orbits and stuff , still it sorta seemed like the same colors are attracting ) that kinda tripped me up for a bit. 
Then the controls had a bit of learning curve since this kind of games isnt usually what i play (this was natural and expected to be honest ).
Once both clicked I got the high score.

Uhh y is a jam game 500mb+

There was a bit of a learning curve regarding learning the controls . After learning a bit the game is fun and can also be annoying a bit , don't play if you angry really really easily

My team had a game that was like easily 130 mb over webgl luckily we caught it early enough that we could decrease the size , if u want which game , its Spourted from my profile , it used like 4k textures lel

Yea I went from bad to decent in this genre in name of testing I feel you .

Damn one of the best concept , u never fail to impress me man(Flavedo).

Still going on the really great art style man (Sealcat).

And also not taking the full time is a great feat for such a game.

The death sfx I really love it (idk the audio person but still great job).

Animations are really good and the song is also good , but the game to not make people leave from disinterest make the game a bit more fast

Don't make huge webgl build games the games load for eternity without a loading bar

Concept is really good like bringing an rpg element to this , but some more basic UI would have been better like i really dunno what is my hp like a basic thing how much hp does opponent have.

" either an ASDFGH or ASDGHJ control scheme - having all the keys next to each other would make it easier to deal with notes very far apart as you wouldn't have to think about the gap in key locations"

Won't work since we have 4 really good fingers (since thumb reaching which fingers level is kinda weird feeling) this would eliminate the combo moves we could perform if we try the game one handed.

If we choose to play two handed the index fingers of both hands would rub against each other and would cause annoyance and missing of tiles by sometimes since the one of fingers could touch and make the other miss , this would be annoying.

SDFJKL is better  for this since most keyboards have small notches that can be used for locating the keys in hurry.   Hopefully this comment helps you to understand the design decision

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Seriously why is there always a danganronpa character profile pic person  in every server related to game making or pc games .. and now even itch ..

I really like the series but, this is a mystery to me .

Yea, even i faced that for a bit before starting pressing all keys and put your fingers on the buttons , and the dead time before a round really starts really helps on that 

Uhh who has their own office in their house , man he must be rich.

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There was also a bug which made u have possible to have negative everything (fixed in one of lasts alphas)(the tester here) 

You can see the provided walk through of the game 

Ahh such an inferior brother of mine was used

The name of ur game ring some bells for me

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I liked the game it's fun and controls are really easy 

A couple of things about the game 
- The following to the theme seemed a bit unclear 
 - I found it quite easy as a person can hold the left mouse button and would have no worries throughout the game if they have decent dodging skills 
- Damn the red part seemed like the next part of game would be facing self harm 
-I liked the concept of huge monsters supposedly indicating the different levels of mental anguish faced by the protagonist it would have been better if there would be even more different sizes of monsters indicating the parts that hurt the protagonist the most
-I liked the fact bullets collided it was an unexpected mechanic
-In the second stage was the warping effect which caused lengthening of objects around the corners of the screen quite bugged me idk why
-The thing bugged me most was that cerebellum  isn't the thing that actually manages emotions it's technically the limbic system or atleast better would be cerebrum turmoil since limbic system is actually between the cerebral hemispheres

Uhh how to pass level 3 or 4