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A member registered Nov 12, 2016

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Well that was a fun 10 minute of my time.Even though the combat is simple,it still had some strategic feel to it.Attacking slows you down so you have to time your dodge,its almost felt like dark souls but then you realized the enemy does jackshit for damage.

The throwing weapon are kinda useless considering you could destroy any ghosted furniture with a few swing from ye mighty pipe(or katana but we talk about weapons later).Instead,why not make the fridge immune to attack but when you throw something at it,it will reveal a weak spot.Or maybe some furniture have shield that can only be destroyed with throwing weapon.

Lastly,can you make a hud where it shows how much your weapons deal damage?I mean its not necessary and i'm not forcing you to include any of the thing i said it is simply my opinion but i thought that my pipe deals more damage than the baseball bat.

As i said before,this is simply my opinion with this game.Good luck on expanding the idea of this games Jeans :).

Have you tried using winrar?

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A bad game can become good after being criticize.Pointing out the flaw does not ruin the game for people.I'm just suggesting room for improvement.Criticizing a game is not disrespecting the creator,its basically telling them that there are problems with there games.To be honest even if a game is created by one guy,its still deserved to be criticize.

P.S; You really should look up the definition of criticism if you think i was hating on the creator mate :\

Side note:I mean if you guys can report bug and glitch why can't i report the flaws of this game?Why,because its different?

PP.S; And what do you mean i should give my opinion nicely?I clearly said at the last sentences:"I really hope you would improve the combat and the really edgy full caps story" i did not say : "Wow this game is utter garbage and should not be on the top page of itch io" Like i said,this game have room for improvement,i'm not trying to take this game down just because i don't like it.I simply just want to see it IMPROVE not removed.

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First of all,HOLY SHIT the combat is atrocious.Its basically like skyrim combat but worse considering you have to drag your shield instead of clicking a button and attacking is even worse because you have to time your attack based on the animation that it plays.Instead of awkward weapon flailing:sword,axe,pike,spear and club should have there own animation instead of the main character flailing them around like he have muscle disfiguration.Also,add more damage to the bow,its lacking some punch like an actual bow.

Second of all,the campaign is so repetitive.Go from one point to another while slaying some dudes while getting a key to open up a gate so you can get a scarlet from adventure time(Haven't finished it yet because i was bored to continue the armory quest).Add some variety to your levels.Don't just throw different enemy type see what sticks.

These are the two main problem i found from the campaign alone.Really hope you improve the combat and the really edgy full caps story.

P.S:You should be able to attack while the shield is up,else the shield have no real purpose on the battlefield or at all.