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Bloody amazing. I can see the game took some inspiration from Slay The Spire with the map, relic, and card system but added a little spin with Megaman battle network style combat.

  The sound design and music were great and the spriting work was beautifully well crafted. One thing that I found to be weird was the card's flavor text reference.  Seriously, this makes Gintama look like a college essay. I'm half expecting Apotheosis to be a card. Not that I mind it, I actually found it to be quite charming. The gameplay, goddamn, the gameplay. If you like the simple yet diverse card system from Slay The Spire and enjoyed the fast-paced combat of Dead Cells. Well, I got good news for you buddy! It also includes anime girls, free of charge.

  However, just like every single game created on planet earth, it has flaws. So here are some flaws. 

* Relic that you get from opening the box of Touhou should be skippable. Mainly because some of the relics can either make or break a deck. Or is just plain bad like the Spaz turret. I understand I can skip it before opening it, but I always open the box anyway cause I'm always afraid that it might be something really, really good.

* Some of the descriptions of the card needs to be reworked (Like what does 100x75 means?!)

And that's it really. Aside from the obvious stuff that is more than likely going to be fixed in the final version like card artwork being duplicates of each other. The game is freaking amazing. Definitely, be buying this when it comes out of steam. Anyway, have fun when making the game, don't forget to sleep and may the coffee be with you.

Thank you, that's really motivating :) I'll think about the feedback, I tag certain items to not show up in those random chests (the ones that have a tradeoff for example don't show up,since they can mess up a build). It would require a bit of work to make them optional though.

The descriptions do need to be polished, half of the description/card is generated from the card statistics to take some of the workload off me.

I'm especially glad you enjoyed the gameplay though! Also Gintama hahaha? I'm not sure what you meant by making Gintama look like a college essay. The flavor text is definitely weird, I went through all the cards at 5am and wrote the first thing that came to my head XD

Ah dang, I didn't realize that some relics does not appear in the chest. That explains why there's no medkit in any of those chests. Thanks for taking your time to reply to my feedback and misconception. Hopefully, your game turns out a success for your career.

Also, the Gintama joke was referring to how some of the cards flavor text has a very niche reference that it makes Gintama references seems original in comparison. Cause college essay is all about that anti-plagiarism :p. The flavor texts are great, for the love of god please keep it.