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A bad game can become good after being criticize.Pointing out the flaw does not ruin the game for people.I'm just suggesting room for improvement.Criticizing a game is not disrespecting the creator,its basically telling them that there are problems with there games.To be honest even if a game is created by one guy,its still deserved to be criticize.

P.S; You really should look up the definition of criticism if you think i was hating on the creator mate :\

Side note:I mean if you guys can report bug and glitch why can't i report the flaws of this game?Why,because its different?

PP.S; And what do you mean i should give my opinion nicely?I clearly said at the last sentences:"I really hope you would improve the combat and the really edgy full caps story" i did not say : "Wow this game is utter garbage and should not be on the top page of itch io" Like i said,this game have room for improvement,i'm not trying to take this game down just because i don't like it.I simply just want to see it IMPROVE not removed.