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Well that was a fun 10 minute of my time.Even though the combat is simple,it still had some strategic feel to it.Attacking slows you down so you have to time your dodge,its almost felt like dark souls but then you realized the enemy does jackshit for damage.

The throwing weapon are kinda useless considering you could destroy any ghosted furniture with a few swing from ye mighty pipe(or katana but we talk about weapons later).Instead,why not make the fridge immune to attack but when you throw something at it,it will reveal a weak spot.Or maybe some furniture have shield that can only be destroyed with throwing weapon.

Lastly,can you make a hud where it shows how much your weapons deal damage?I mean its not necessary and i'm not forcing you to include any of the thing i said it is simply my opinion but i thought that my pipe deals more damage than the baseball bat.

As i said before,this is simply my opinion with this game.Good luck on expanding the idea of this games Jeans :).

Thank you so much for your input! I've been tweaking the combat system quite a bit since this build, adding a bit of stamina and other things like health meters for example. Also you're correct in that the difficulty needs tweaking so that you are more dependant on using the throw weapons. Thanks again! Glad you liked it