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Thanks :)

Will do!

nothing right now, but they're meant to teleport you and/or level you up and stuff

Thank you so much for your input! I've been tweaking the combat system quite a bit since this build, adding a bit of stamina and other things like health meters for example. Also you're correct in that the difficulty needs tweaking so that you are more dependant on using the throw weapons. Thanks again! Glad you liked it

Hmm that's weird! Have you tried remapping the key in the input settings, before the game starts? That's the quick fix I can think of now. I'm looking into making the input system better.

Wow, thank you! I'm still working on making it more perfecter!

Sorry for your inconvenience. One thing that may cause this is that the game files need to be installed and run in a folder where it has writing rights as the house is currently saved to disk when its generated. I've experienced this myself on Windows but resolved it by moving the game to another folder. Does this work for you?

This was really funny, seems I have things to fix! Keep it up :)

Hi! That's a pretty good idea! I might test that out. Thank you!

Thank you! I'm not too fond of horror games myself if they're too scary, so I've tried to get that spookiness in more as a flavor. Anyway, it's always interesting seeing people playing the game, glad you enjoyed it

Hi! Glad you like it, it means a lot! And thanks for the reports.

Hello, thanks for reporting this. The gamepad input configuring isn't super intuitive right now, and the look parameters had fallen out. But I've uploaded a new build (0.1.1) where they've been re-added. They're called Look X and Y. Hope this works out!