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Oh, now we both want to break the record (¬‿¬)

Ryan, you are making an awesome game! I have no words, I'm very excited to see the full release.

On first time I fail the loud sound scared me out.

This is high quality game that I really enjoyed playing!

This game need more difficult levels!

Not bad. You're making good pixel art games.

That's it, I have really no time left to do more clear ending. I think it is kinda philosophic. Just you, space and music.

Thank you for your feedback

Why is there just an empty archive?

Voice that says whatever the thing is dropping, UI that controlled the same way as gameplay, finally, secret tattoo.

This is a pretty funny game.

Really enjoyed playing this. Clicking on selected item icon to deselect it would be nice as well as have ability to just take placed item instead of removing it to top bar. There are some bugs like you can make robot stuck or drop items out from level, but it never happen if you playing normally.

Music is not in seamless loop, that hurts. The art is great.
Game controls for me is a bit odd, I would prefer select and deselect on the same button.

Nice puzzle game overall.

Interesting idea and cute art. My first thought was “It's so fast”. Then I got that spam one key is the easiest way to complete this game.

I will make a full game if more people find it interesting.