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Don't know about shape alteration, wouldn't make much sense if you need to change the logo geometry or the font used.

Colorwise though be my guest ;) I tried to make it as legible/simple as possible so it could be used against different backgrounds contrasts so feel free to use any color that works for you.

I've sent you an email ;)

Great news ;) 

I'll give it a shot.

This is super interesting, was it inspired by Kult 1ed?
Is it possible to develop supplemental material as by C.C. XX using the your rules and attributing your work?

I will try to expand on what you mention in a Ver.2 of the supplement ;). There are some pretty good ideas in the jam entries

I've certainly entertained the possibility of the Ordo Veritatis being a not so honest organization in the context of that game. They have a ''We are The Technocracy'' vibe about them that seems off  for a ''we are the good guys'' faction.
And I really dig your 3 point as a game device for replay value! it kind of made me think of what an organization like NERV could do to people other than teens :D

Thanks man!

Thanks for the review! I was a bit curious on how this whole bureaucratic design concept would translate into the supplement and I'm glad that it worked the way you describe it.
On a different note you should trademark the ''Paracorporate Office Horror'' concept. It just hits all the right nails.

Love the weapon traits, they are very cool and useful!

FIST: JAM OPS community · Created a new topic JAM OPS

Hi Claymore,

I would like to know what was the font used for the ''JAM OPS'' text. I would like to use it for my submission.
Best regards.

Gracias estimado.

yup, sure.

Done! let me know if you can download it from the page, if not I'll send you the file directly via email.

Thanks for your honesty. There's a lot to be polished and a bunch of other things will be addressed in further material I plan on publishing throughout the year.
Regarding translations (I was discussing the issue just recently with another backer) translating words from one language to another, or mixing chinese with japanese words was a deliberate choice as to generate some level of strangement... It could have been a little more nuanced and that is totally on me.
Next time i'll guess i'll have to be more explicit regarding the language mishmash. As you correctly stated above, this is a game loosely based on asian aesthetics (samurais mainly but there is plenty of room for other characterizations) and wants to be a fantasy setting on its own, it is not intended to be read as an historical take on asian cultures.
On a different note, I would like to get in touch with you regarding another issue. 

Best regards!

p.s. Google translate did me on that one, but I kind of like ''Rohl plain turtle'' now. 

Hi Banjo,

English version added to the game.

This is great! I'm glad your group enjoyed it!
I designed this as a sort of narrative hook with few landmarks along the way to drive the whole thing into an autonomous conclusion. So a lot of the credit goes to the DM, filling in or removing what does not work. Did you have to do much of the latter to do to make it work in your campaing? 

I will!, it's next on my to do list ;)

Thanks Michael. Let me know how it does with your group