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Thanks for your honesty. There's a lot to be polished and a bunch of other things will be addressed in further material I plan on publishing throughout the year.
Regarding translations (I was discussing the issue just recently with another backer) translating words from one language to another, or mixing chinese with japanese words was a deliberate choice as to generate some level of strangement... It could have been a little more nuanced and that is totally on me.
Next time i'll guess i'll have to be more explicit regarding the language mishmash. As you correctly stated above, this is a game loosely based on asian aesthetics (samurais mainly but there is plenty of room for other characterizations) and wants to be a fantasy setting on its own, it is not intended to be read as an historical take on asian cultures.
On a different note, I would like to get in touch with you regarding another issue. 

Best regards!

p.s. Google translate did me on that one, but I kind of like ''Rohl plain turtle'' now.