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I couldn't quite figure out how to place the tiles without instantly failing, but I gave it a go none the less and I'm glad you ended up submitting something. 

This was a really nice relaxing game that I thought fit in well with the theme of decay. I enjoyed trying to achieve a high distance while listening to the pensive music. The sprites all fit together nicely and the art style was consistent. I was never quite sure what the fountains did, though.

The only small gripe I had was when I was being ping-ponged between the axes of two minotaurs without the ability to escape. That's a pretty small issue, though.

This was my final score after a few runs

Really great work :)

I actually love the ambience of this game. It's so simple and yet so desolate - the setting and audio work extremely well together!

There was also a story in this one and although it was quite short, it still does a good job at depicting a devout and rather insane character.

It's a shame other things got in the way of expanding this game a bit more, but I still enjoyed the end product!

I found this entry so relaxing - just wandering around listening to the calming music and chopping trees is strangely therapeutic.

The gameplay, graphics, and audio all complement each other nicely and create an enjoyable experience.

Really nice work!

I love the theme and isometric style. It does play alright once you realise what you need to do for each team, too. I do think it's a little lacking in the whole 'lost' theme, but that's only because of time and medical constraints (as you've stated before) so it's understandable.

The animations and models are great, and I think it embodies the "Lost" theme really well!

I'm keen on the art style and the flying mechanics work nicely. I had run flying around shooting at random enemies. 

A simple concept with great execution. The changing hallways weren't noticeable until you actually needed to return via one of them, then suddenly you needed to find a different route.

I would like to just clarify that the floor and exit tiles were from a Unity roguelike asset pack. Everything else was our own though.