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This was a really nice relaxing game that I thought fit in well with the theme of decay. I enjoyed trying to achieve a high distance while listening to the pensive music. The sprites all fit together nicely and the art style was consistent. I was never quite sure what the fountains did, though.

The only small gripe I had was when I was being ping-ponged between the axes of two minotaurs without the ability to escape. That's a pretty small issue, though.

This was my final score after a few runs

Really great work :)


Thank you very much for the positive feedback! The fountains are meant to make you slightly "younger" but they had a very small effect because they were quite often. I think I should have made them less frequent but more effective. I also had a bar at the top that showed how old you were but I got rid of that because I couldn't make look as good as I wanted.  It was all a big balancing act which I feel I didn't execute as elegantly as I could have but I will probably work on this game more down the line because of all the great feedback I have been getting from friends and family!