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Very nifty premise! fits neatly into the confines of the jam in all ways. the art is sharp and the card/tile based gameplay is straightforward and intriguing.

Very juicy. Excellent color, art, and game feel.

i reckon i just fealt an emotion

the character illustrations are brilliant; both the portraits and smol characters. great use of GB studio. very polished execution.

thanks! I'll hafta keep my eyes peeled if there's a Hardcore Punk Jam #4

I enjoyed the wall sliding and jumping. I like the protagonists design :)
There was a bug during one of my playthroughs where my character didn't respawn after dying on a laser mine/obstacle. justa heads up. A tiny recommendation; script the camera so it doesn't move every time you jump; only when he approaches the edge of the screen. Keep up the good work!

Love the UI, the panel gives a touch of realism to controlling the submarine. The sonar and map drawing is undoubtedly very cool. I was a little confused about what to do with chests at first though. Good entry!

Love the art and game feel, camera and movement feels nice. Lots of good pixel work on many items.

I think items should be equipable or useable with a right click, and they should have some sort of label on mouseover in the inventory; but I understand we were on a short time constraint. It's difficult to craft a sleeping bag on time :P  Gorgeous, overall. 

Very nice! Nice use of the lite-RPG elements and some good pixel art
I'd recommend flipping the old man's sprite based on his velocity- as quick way  to make him face left or right depending on his movement direction.

This one's of my favorites! Love the modern feel with the nostalgic aesthetic. A good use of two buttons.

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haha; but you called it!   Some (solved) technical difficulties prevented me from finishing the animation before the deadline, but an update is on it's way this week!

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Thank you very much for the feedback! I appreciate your attention to all the details!
-Each monster's death does result in a flower growing on their grave 15 or 20 seconds later
-Similarly, the planet will turn green a few seconds after your players death
-The blue monster was fun to draw! He's inspired by Buddhist depictions of the demon Mara. I've now edited it slightly, however.

This looks righteously gorgeous.  Forgive my noob inquiry: how do you host or join a LAN game?

ah yes! he is a Ippon-Datara! prolly my favorite AI in the game but also the most dangerous.

true & true

I like the player's attacking and defending poses!
I recommend a more visible visual cue to warn of a anticipated slime's incoming  attack- I noticed there is an "angry vein" symbol that appears above their head- but I would make it appear sooner- or make the slime graphic vibrate/shake as well. Keep jamming!

The bird form is OP  :P  Fast moving and has a heal. Keep jamming!

I like the "Karma Dealer" concept: But it's difficult to learn how to properly raise your "reliability " . I recommend simplifying the instructions & making it easier to identify who has good or bad karma.

Challenge accepted! Although, it's not a shooter at all. HyperOptic: First-Person Simulation. My entry is a fiber optic inspired racing game.

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intriguing! haha, I am almost blind in one eye (stereoblind they call it)- so I've never been able to see these images in any capacity, even as a kid. Still cant :P Haha, but that's how you know its an interesting phenomenon (autostereograms).