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This one's of my favorites! Love the modern feel with the nostalgic aesthetic. A good use of two buttons.

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haha; but you called it!   Some (solved) technical difficulties prevented me from finishing the animation before the deadline, but an update is on it's way this week!

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Thank you very much for the feedback! I appreciate your attention to all the details!
-Each monster's death does result in a corresponding flower growing in their place 15 or 20 seconds later  :) all worth the same points though.
-The planet will turn green a few seconds after your players death, I reckon it's his equivalent of growing a flower.
-The blue monster was fun to draw! lol. He's inspired by Buddhist depictions of the demon Mara.

This looks righteously gorgeous.  Forgive my noob inquiry: how do you host or join a LAN game?

ah yes! he is a Ippon-Datara! prolly my favorite AI in the game but also the most dangerous.

true & true

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If the arrow keys or space bar scrolls your browser's page around- make sure to play full-screen! Keep on game jammin'!

I like the player's attacking and defending poses!
I recommend a more visible visual cue to warn of a anticipated slime's incoming  attack- I noticed there is an "angry vein" symbol that appears above their head- but I would make it appear sooner- or make the slime graphic vibrate/shake as well. Keep jamming!

The bird form is OP  :P  Fast moving and has a heal. Keep jamming!

I like the "Karma Dealer" concept: But it's difficult to learn how to properly raise your "reliability " . I recommend simplifying the instructions & making it easier to identify who has good or bad karma.

Challenge accepted! Although, it's not a shooter at all. HyperOptic: First-Person Simulation. My entry is a fiber optic inspired racing game.

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intriguing! haha, I am almost blind in one eye (stereoblind they call it)- so I've never been able to see these images in any capacity, even as a kid. Still cant :P Haha, but that's how you know its an interesting phenomenon (autostereograms).