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Hi! That's unfortunate - could you give me any more info on what's not working about it, or will it just not boot up at all? (Could it be an incomplete download?)

Failing that, I could give you a game key to add it to your library (while it was intentional that people would only be able to play for free during that period, I do feel bad that you did have it downloaded but not-functional during that time!)

That's great, I'm so glad! I'll be sure to get the update out in time C;

I'd say E or E 10+ at most :)

Thanks so much for streaming the game! Shame about the VOD, but we're so glad you enjoyed regardless ♡♡♡

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for the feedback ♥

Woo! Thanks for playing, marimo! ♡

Yes, of course!  The copy you downloaded is yours to keep (it just won't be in your library since you downloaded it while it was free)

Thanks so much!!! ♡

Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed!! ♡

(There are four different endings - one regular ending, and a romance ending for each character if you make all the correct choices ;3 )

Hey! If you're having trouble with downloading it through the itch client/app, try downloading from the website instead if you're able.
(If not, I can send you a download key that should let you download through the app)

Thanks so much!! ♡♡


The itch client issue is actually because of the game being on 100% off sale, there's a bug with it. If you'd like I can send you a download key (which should let you download through the client just fine) or you can download through the itch website instead :)

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! ♡

and Cormac was made just for this game, unfortunately ^^

I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thanks so much for playing our game ;w; ♡

Hey, I'm so glad the pronoun choice helped you! Thanks so much for playing our game ♡♡♡

This is a lovely comment, thanks so much! ♡

Thanks so much, that's very sweet! We're glad you stumbled across the game too ;w; ♡

Thanks so much! We're so glad you enjoyed :3 ♡

Hi! You shouldn't need to install anything, just download the zip file, unzip it, and then run the .exe file :)

(If you're trying to use the app and having issues, I've heard it might be because of the 100% sale causing a bug-maybe best to try downloading from the website instead)

Thank you! And we're actually getting really close! No concrete release date yet, but you can follow us on Twitter or Tumblr for more frequent updates, and we'll be sure to let y'all know as soon as the date is set ♡

Thank you so, so much for this lovely comment! I'm honoured, and so glad you enjoyed it ;w; ♥

thank you so much! good ace rep is so sorely needed, so i'm very glad WAF rang true for you ♥♥


Thanks for getting in touch about your translation! Feel free to release it, but in future maybe get in touch with developers before you start. You never know if they're working on official translations, and things like licenses can get tricky when you're translating without permission.

(By the way, well done on the Russian version of the logo, it's very close to the original!)

I've looked through and I don't see a way to have an alternate language on the same page or anything like that, so I'm afraid you'll have to host this on your own itch page or similar. I also have no way to play through it myself since I can't read it, so I don't feel super comfortable integrating it with the English version of the game. Since this is my IP and I haven't talked with the artist that drew some of the assets, I'd ask you limit donations you get for your translation to the same default price I ask for the English ver - $3 USD.

Oh also, I thought you'd like to know that there's another Russian translation of the game linked on vndb, but I don't know a lot about it since it was done without contacting me.

I appreciate your hard work and your effort to bring English-language VNs to your language community! ♥

Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ♥♥♥

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Very, very cool experience. Brooke is best girl <3

Things like UI are a little rough around the edges, but the sprites are lovely, and the writing more than makes up for any of the shortcomings! Really liked it, clever concept.

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as a fellow asexual moron, i'm so glad you enjoyed ^^ ♥ ♥

Thank you so much! We're so excited for the full game to be out (we'll keep you posted ^^)

Thanks for playing, and for your let's play! We're excited to bring you the full thing ~ <3

Agreed! I have a game that deals heavily with queer themes that didn't fall under the LGBT acronym. Tagging it was more difficult than it should have been!

That's weird! Might be a problem with your internet connection (if it's slow, it might not be downloading the whole thing), or you could try a different unzipping software?

THANK *clap* YOU *clap* for playing! ^^ ♥♥♥

Thankyou so much! Glad you enjoyed ♥♥

Thanks so much!! ♥

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for your let's play! I really enjoyed your playthrough, you got the voices spot on ;w;

Thanks so much for playing!! We're glad you liked it ♥♥

Thank you so much for playing, and for your lovely comment!

As a fellow panro ace gal, I'm so glad our work made you feel represented and heard ♥

We have some previews up on Twitter if that helps!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so glad you loved it, and I'd be honoured if you shared it ☺️💖


In the full game you can choose between she, he, and they pronouns, so we address them with they in the demo and on social media etc 😊

Thanks so much for playing!! I'm so, so glad you loved it, and that you could relate to her ♥