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We are a team that can handle sound design and music including voice acting for your game. 

Ideally we would love to use Wwise for integrating audio into the game, we can use FMOD too but have less experience with it. 

You can contact me through or on my email

Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers.

Like somebody said below, simple and challenging. Really cool gravity mechanics. good job!


Yeaaah intended to implement sfx for movement, addition of bubbles and a few other instances- guess it got lost with the time closing in on us..

ooo that was quite fun

striking world you've created with the art and music.

Does anybody need someone to handle the sound and music. I'm down.


email: or 

Discord: Saad Memon#3634 

Games a bit glitchy, but cool character :)


Ran out of time to playtest the sounds / make changes :(

Amaaazing artwork.

Fun game!!! enjoyed it lots

Sick visuals. cool sound!

Great sound and solid mechanics!

Nice theme, music and style. Loved the coffee pouring sound, music was clipping at times.

Sick mechanics, sick art and cool atmosphere!

Yea rope mechanic was all fudgy, cool art though

Original concept, just wasnt completely aware of my goal per say. Ended up in just a black hole lol

that was dope, nice chill fun levels and music

Enjoyed this one, nice job!

sick music and art!

Super fun, loved maneuvering around and shooting honestly. Kinda gets too crazy too quick, but played it around 4 times. Nice one!

The brackets didn't really do anything for me - I ate the corpse and then couldn't get any further. Nice concept though.

Nice! Enjoyed the space exploration especially :) Would love a volume control slider though to tame the level of the music.

Game wont launch

wont load up!

I like the concept and music - cool vibe. I didn't really know what to do with the ice slime - 2 wouldn't work to split ice. Nice job though!

So much fun!