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If someone wants to kick or ban a player, he should not be able to do it if the person didnt hacked, wasn't toxic or didnt even do anything bad. But if he did, the host can kick or ban the person, but he must tell excactly why he wants to kick or ban. If he doesnt gives a good a reason, like- he is not giving me the color i want, or- he is such an idiot, the host is getting kicked automaticly. And he's game says- "you were kicked automaticly because you didnt gived a good reason. Give a good reason why you want to kick/ban next time.

Impostor + pasta = impasta

boy in among us: creates a boys only game. Random girls: bonjeur.

When boy sees a girl in among us: dont be a simp... dont be a simp... when girl sees a boy in among us: date me please, i love you. When game starts: date me. When someone calls an emergency meeting: date me please. When round is over and everyone goes back to the lobby: date me pls.


Lesson for the boys: if a girl kills someone in among us, and you see her kill or vent, you report the body. You say its her, and giving a good proof. The girl just says its you, without a proof. Everyone votes you, and not voting the girl. People who actually vote you out, even if you give a good proof its the person you saw, even if its a girl, he is a simp. 

And innersloth should add a friend list, so people can play with their friends whenever they want to. People who argee, say- "friend list request".

Btw, there is something you need to know, innersloth. Someone make an app, that gives mod menu, makes all the store filled with free stuff, and unlocks all the skins in the store for free. I tried to do it, but not to hack, i tried to get free mini-crewmate pet and hat. But when i did the hack, my phone said it could create viruses. So when i saw it, i deleted the app, and i installed apps that will help me with the viruses. I deleted these apps after there was no chance for a virus. So talk with apple, and tell them to delete that app. I know it sounds like a very good thing a person will do, but i dont want anyone to have viruses. Delete the app from the app store. App name: AMONG US MOD MENU. I'll send a photo, it will take some moments.

White: wants to be black. Black: i wont change my color. White: can i be black please? Black: no. White: can i be black? Black: no. 2 games later... white: now can i be black? Black: no, stop idiot. White: kick black, he is annoying. The host which is a girl: *kicks/bans white. Whites screen: you were banned from PKLTSR, you cannot rejoin that room because of a damn idiot. White: i'll continue. Which makes sence, because girls in among us are weird. Some are dating for no reason, some are still being weird and some are even annoying. But i just wanted to be black, why did i got banned??? The game: dont worry, i argee. F*ck them. White: high five, man. (An actual true story)

People are banning others for no reason from theyre lobby. It isnt fun.

Innersloth spammed: the new map update includes deleting the application and download it again. But it doesnt gives or unlocks the new map. It just removed very cool hats from the game. The knife hat, the devil hat, and one of our favorites... the black old doctor hat. It is spaming, and doesnt gives anything. Innersloth should put them back soon, or it will be a spam. 

The most annoying thing in among us: you join a public lobby, and it has good and nice players. The host asks when does everyone wants to start. The game starts. 1 second after the game starts: you were disconnected because blablabla18342'blablabla. It is very unfair. So to fix it, i have an idea. In the menu, there is should be an option under "leave the game" that shows the players names, and near the name there is an option which is called "add friend". After you add the person, in the main menu there is a friend list. Every time one of your friends are playing among us, the friends list has a little cyrcle right & down like it is in the playstation network. The cyrcle is colored lime when your friends are playing. If they are not playing, there is no cyrcle. At the friend list, if one of your friends is playing, you can join his lobby automaticlly from the name of him/her at the friend list.

Sometimes when i join a public lobby, i get imp for the third time without getting crewmate. I kill everyone and win. One second after i spawn: you were banned from QYTPVF, you cant rejoin that room.

I also losed my mini crewmate pet and hat, idk what happened but if its too complicated to bring back the stuff you bought, what about a refund?

There is should be an alien mod in among us. Rules: there are weapons at different locations. Every player can pick up only 1 weapon. The weapons are swords, guns, Lazer guns, knifes and more. There are no emergency meeting and no reporting. The Players are cannot kill each other. Every gun has a ammo bar, and every sword has a recharging bar. There are no tasks. There is also a timer that says after how much time the alien boss will come. While the timer, players can gear up and prepare. Lobby settings- timer: 3 minutes - 5 minutes - 10 minutes. Recharge/reload time: 10s - 5s - 3s. Alien boss health: can take 50 shots/hits - can take 75 shots/hits - can take 100 shots/hits. Alien boss damage dealt: Every hit/attack dealing 20% damage - every hit/attack dealing 50% health - every hit/attack dealing 75% health. Players health bars: can take 145% damage in total - can take 175% damage in total - can take 200% damage in total. Alien boss speed: 1x - 2x - 3x.

I have something to report. The game is always disconecting me before the game even starts, and then it says i cant join another game for 5 minutes. Even tho if the game disconected me! I litterly hate this! What even are those pings??? Its just numbers, that make players disconected all the time because of 6 numbers!

An actually true thing in among us: sometimes, a girl joins a public lobby. She is trying to get a boyfriend in the most annoying way. All the boys dont want her to be they'r girlfriend, so they say no to every single word she says. She doesnt understands they dont wanna be her boyfriends, so she keeps annoying people. And then, one of the boys starts an emergency meeting and says that the girl is annoying, and that he wants her to stop. The girl: what is wrong with you? One of the boys tells her to shut up or he will kick her. Tge girl: what is wrong with them, i am not annoying! He is annoying! The boys: dont you understand what is wrong with you? Everyone: votes her off. The girl: *leaves*. Everyone get the win. The boys after they won: what color was she? Someone there: pink. The boys: of course she was imposter, pink is the color with the most chance to get imposter.

Wow, the photo of the new map is amazing! Im sure gonna test the new map! And by the way, no one realized that some players gets disconected at the start of the game, they dont mean to leave.

There is a big problem. Sometimes, players says- "kick them" for no reason, thats annoying. Sometimes when you join a lobby with good players, there is even a person who join and say- "if you want me, kick everyone else.", which is the most annoying thing in among us. (Expect hacking). So please, make every player who say- "kick" for no reason get ban automaticly. If someone says- "guys, he is kinda annoying, should we kick them?", he should stay in the room. If someone says bad words 15 times in a single room should get kicked automaticly if he says it about/to a player.  

i cant f*ckin enter a game because of a stupid full matchmaker and it doesnt let me!!!

guide for among us playersGuide for among us:

Dont vote them*

News: if someone says- "if not them, vote me/next.", the one who said that is not the imposter because if he was imposter, he knew he was gonna get voted out.

So when someone says that, make sure you dont report them.

Players when i am a crewmate: we are fingering out who is the imposter. Players sometimes when im the imposter after 30 rounds of being a crewmate: im not smart, so im hacking and cheating to win easly, and then i laugh at them. me after they vote me out because they hacked: tomass never had such a b***sh*t like that before.

And can you make a cat pet?

Its annoying

Alot of people are kicking other players for no reason.