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boy in among us: creates a boys only game. Random girls: bonjeur.

When boy sees a girl in among us: dont be a simp... dont be a simp... when girl sees a boy in among us: date me please, i love you. When game starts: date me. When someone calls an emergency meeting: date me please. When round is over and everyone goes back to the lobby: date me pls.


Lesson for the boys: if a girl kills someone in among us, and you see her kill or vent, you report the body. You say its her, and giving a good proof. The girl just says its you, without a proof. Everyone votes you, and not voting the girl. People who actually vote you out, even if you give a good proof its the person you saw, even if its a girl, he is a simp. 

And innersloth should add a friend list, so people can play with their friends whenever they want to. People who argee, say- "friend list request".


Friend list request