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The most annoying thing in among us: you join a public lobby, and it has good and nice players. The host asks when does everyone wants to start. The game starts. 1 second after the game starts: you were disconnected because blablabla18342'blablabla. It is very unfair. So to fix it, i have an idea. In the menu, there is should be an option under "leave the game" that shows the players names, and near the name there is an option which is called "add friend". After you add the person, in the main menu there is a friend list. Every time one of your friends are playing among us, the friends list has a little cyrcle right & down like it is in the playstation network. The cyrcle is colored lime when your friends are playing. If they are not playing, there is no cyrcle. At the friend list, if one of your friends is playing, you can join his lobby automaticlly from the name of him/her at the friend list.

They're already working on accounts.