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An actually true thing in among us: sometimes, a girl joins a public lobby. She is trying to get a boyfriend in the most annoying way. All the boys dont want her to be they'r girlfriend, so they say no to every single word she says. She doesnt understands they dont wanna be her boyfriends, so she keeps annoying people. And then, one of the boys starts an emergency meeting and says that the girl is annoying, and that he wants her to stop. The girl: what is wrong with you? One of the boys tells her to shut up or he will kick her. Tge girl: what is wrong with them, i am not annoying! He is annoying! The boys: dont you understand what is wrong with you? Everyone: votes her off. The girl: *leaves*. Everyone get the win. The boys after they won: what color was she? Someone there: pink. The boys: of course she was imposter, pink is the color with the most chance to get imposter.