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Oh great, thanks :)

Oh wow, yeah I didn't realise that at all, that works pretty well! I don't see it mentioned anywhere though, not even in the docs?

Currently if you add something to a group and then duplicate it, that new object becomes part of the group. This is usually OK if it is something small, but if for example you create a wall consisting of a number of separate parts and group it so that it can be repositioned, then duplicate the group, the group now consists of the two walls and they can't be repositioned separately. It can be a bit of a pain as the only way around it seems to be to ungroup the entire thing and individually select all the components again.

Currently, if you want to select a large amount of objects within a project, you have to click on them one by one. This can be at best tedious and at worst incredibly fiddly (occasionally clicking in just the wrong place has deselected everything that was selected previously). Would it be possible to add a mouse drag and select feature of some kind? So if for example you have an object made of 18 different smaller objects you can click and drag around it and select them all rather than doing it one by one?

These are looking very nice, good job! I especially like the gun with jaws, seems like with a tiny amount of tweaking it could look like a cool energy/rail gun.

Yep that's sorted it out. A bit of a pain but only really takes more than a moment for larger things. Thanks for the quick reply!

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I'm new to asset forge, so there's a chance this is user error but I can't see anying on my end that would cause it.

When I create a model, I can export it and everything comes out as intended. However, if I save it as a .model file and come back to it later, once I load it the textures get screwed up on all of the blocks. If I zoom in on one of the blocks it appears as if the texture is just a lot smaller than it was when I saved it (for example a 'bricks' texture, rather than each brick being 15 x 5, they were 3x1, so didn't look like bricks anymore).

Is this a known issue or is it just me? I'm using version 2.0 preview-1b