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S F Wadsworth

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Some Antriad vibes visible there, but..

Pauls involved. Enuf said. Do some Game Jams for the new folks all.

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Watched the awards last night. Seems I was not alone in liking this. Have you guys worked on other projects? If not, this is an impressive first attempt, and I am glad it has not gone unnoticed. I don't know if you guys are old enough to remember it, but a nice game from the 90s that was very physics-based was titled The Incredible Machine. I think these games have a strong hook, because of the puzzle-based game-play. But enhanced by the proper use of physical properties within the environment. That the player can learn to exploit, avoid or manipulate. So huge interactivity and also slightly twitch-based, to get the adrenaline pumping. I hope you guys evolve it further and thanks for the opportunity to play it. :)

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Haven't used Go Dot. But interesting to see some Interactive Fiction in a Jam. Good narrative a key. Liked the mix of still and animated images. I hope all actors received Hollywood-type salaries, after some of the events that took place. They sounded like they needed stunt doubles. Impressive work if done within 48 hours? Look forward to seeing more from you guys and if you get a chance or haven't already, check out "Her Story".

Good layout. Easy to pick up and play. Quite a lot of depth for the time we all had. So well done, team. Good pacing.

Nice use of the new engine (Luminosity?). Loved that spider. Peter Jackson, phoned and asked if he could borrow it. Good use of sound. Would be nice to see some verticality if you were to expand and also use the light and dark to hide the character and other mechanics. The transition is subliminal to the user but is also really a core mechanic as well, so well implemented. The sense of urgency is conveyed well and could be built upon.

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Just all-around great. Great concept and implementation. Voice acting added to it. Neat to have so much interactivity within each environment. Nice to see a Credits page.  Polished. Well done guys and an excellent way of presenting a topic of importance to us all. Not many these days have not been exposed in some way to Alzheimer's/Dementia, disease. Ironically one of the cures is to work on puzzles and keep the mind active. Something this medium is brilliant at achieving engagement with. Also, like the fact that you didn't shy away from the fact, that the illness can be blind to age. Alzheimer's and Dementia have the highest number of diagnosed cases of any illness in the U.K. 

Nice to see something written in a tool other than Unity or Unreal Engine. I do like the use of different weapons for different tasks. I did find the resolution a little on the small side, but am running in 1080p.  Pallet and characters okay. I will admit I probably have not spent enough time in it to give it a fair go. Experienced no bugs, during my short play. So might be of note. Well done. I do love the work on the Title, nice to see something not in a Cookie Cutter font. By the way I think you could have a Mario type character with the right type of promotion. It is cute and versatile within the environment. So well done on such brilliant character innovation.

Edutainment!. Brilliant. Will implemented. Like the use of the robot voice to introduce things. The graphic style is quite unique. Not what I expected, but functional. The controls work well. I wonder what a timer would do for the Game-play? Scope one could really go to town as the various sciences and multiple permutations are vast. Congratulations on remaining grounded and delivering what appears to be a complete title. Never an easy task. :) Well done.

See my comments on your main page. Was intrigued to try after reading about it in the Discord, during the Jam.

Nice jaunty tune. Sort of lost as to what I was meant to do at level 4. Do like the ability to change directions mid jump. Imagine a sequel is due, with the pallet being yellow and set in the desert? :) The melt times, would be interesting then.

Good use of theme. Good use of the environment. Music was apt for the circus theme. Like colour palette and almost cartoony characters and environments. Good instructions. The only real complaint is that I would love to see more. Also how you were going to resolve the greater verticality and whether you intended to create a level structure or just have the character travel endlessly. The Grey boxes have caught people out a bit I think as it is not immediately obvious the elephant only pushes them so far, except for a small line appearing under them, then your mighty lion can leap the distance. Thanks for sharing.