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the bullets can still be shot while textbox is up, which caused me to die while reading them, also on my next attempt at the top of the screen new the end of the 3rd screen of the cave i jumped out of the map and died.

you can go infinitely with this; the 2 boomboxes on left and right causes the ball to be shot into them and the paddle can’t get there in time causing the ball do go offscreen causing the boomboxes to have time to reset and infinitely repeat. also gold blocks op, you can just spam them everywhere to get a lot of “p”.

the hero disappeared meaning i can get infinite score.

how to get passed where it says the flashing lights warning?

i found a way to bypass it, so not to important now, but would still be good to fix.

for me it allows me to copy to clipboard when at, but not to read from the clipboard unless i went to the frame’s src at, which allowed both copying and reading from the clipboard, what do i do to allow reading the clipboard on though?

PS. i don’t know if this should go under bug or question, so i just put it under question for now.

that wouldn’t work because you can’t have multiple people using the mouse at the same time.


use wasd too.

okay, thank you, also they grey screens should go away after ~20 secs, but i guess they should say loading or somthing so that people know.

okay, i was just wondering if anyone actually found this game to even a little bit hard.

at round 100, did you die or just give up? i made it to round 140 before giving up, my whole board was filled and the upgrades were all maxed out and it was way to easy and laggy to continue.

the game is way to easy, i made it to round 140 before giving up, also the enemies are incredibly laggy, only could send out ~3 waves before dropping frames.

clicking play doesn’t reset lives making the game unplayable.

yeah, kinda, but you can still be better then other people by knowing where each key is and not ever having to waste time looking down at the keyboard.

yeah, that, makes sense, i tried particles at first, but they just looked weird and i hadn’t found anything else that looked better so i just didn’t add anything, though if you can think of something that you think would look good, you can tell me and i will try to add it and see if it actually looks good when i implement it.


it is fun to play, but how does this game even fit the theme?

it was probably only so easy because you played on easy or normal, because playing on hard is much harder, but i didn’t see you play so i don’t know what difficulty you played on, but i’m assuming it wasn’t hard.

i beat it on hard difficulty and it was very challenging and fun to play and i wish you would make more games like this one, also i found that if you press c it will swap the control scheme until you beat a level or die and that if you press r the timer will be set to 4 secs, why not just make r reset you asif the bomb reached 0 because that would save you having to weight 4 secs between each attempt, and stop the infinite time glitch by spamming r.

read the entire description, it explains how each boss works.

after unlocking the 100 coin gate when going back into the mario bros 1 1-1 level i can’t move or jump.

it would be better than just rng though.

oh, okay.

okay, yay.

16.3451 secs is my current record.

well, yeah, but you could’ve just made there be no way to stop it and showed the next pin color so that way it is still challenging but not just completely rng.

okay, good to know, it wasn’t full when i tried.

i will change the enemies to circles, but i tried to make bounds for the camera before and couldn’t figure out how to do it so i had just gave up and submitted the game.

how did this happen when my score always goes up by 5? also my highscore is 275.

the controls are way to inaccurate for me to play because i just kept orbiting around my mouse and couldn’t run into the other atoms.

the laser wouldn’t show up.

highscore 440.

yay, first place with 12.

it was way to laggy to be playable.

there is no way to know the color of the next pin, so isn’t this basically just a rng simulator?

okay, yeah, it is a kinda hard game.

glad you liked it, what is your highscore?


yeah, you are, but you might get atleast a bit better of a score if you were to practice more.