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This was a lot of fun! Graphics, gameplay and audio all definitely 5 stars. Gonna come back and play more later.

Super fun game! I felt the same kind of excitement like when playing Overcooked. :) 

Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks! :) 

Wow, this is a great bug report. If all users would include a technical solution with their reports my life would be easier for sure :) I'll try it out and see if that fixes it, and include it with the next update. Thanks again!

Really appreciate the bug report, thank you! I have no idea how that was able to happen though :p Will investigate...

Wow, that's awesome to hear :) Thanks!

Hey thanks for that extensive feedback! I'll make the game faster in the next update. I definitely want to add more content and variation in encounters and equipment eventually. :) 

Thanks for the comment. I actually didn't realise that the lines (or links) between the skills don't line up with the 64x64 resolution, but you're completely right! That was a mistake on my part. And I think you're right about that the experience bar bugs out sometimes. I will look into getting that fixed!

Thanks! I think your game Atomic Punch Man has been my favourite one of the ones I've tried this far.

Thanks for the suggestions! They will be included in the next release this Sunday when the gamejam is over :) 

That's a nice idea, and something I might do in the future. Just need to figure out how to make the UI make sense within the limitation of 64x64 pixels :) 

Thanks for the bug report! Think I've found the cause of the issue, will patch once the gamejam is over. 

Very addictive gameplay. Punching feels really good!

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Thanks for the feedback! Balancing turned out to be tricky, so it might be that the game is a bit too hard. Will probably tweak that in the future...

Ah thanks for the tip! Didn't realise that there was a library as well...

We have released a fix. Should be able to run it in FF now!

Glad to hear it, thanks!

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Hi! Unfortunately, it doesn't work to run the game in Firefox :( We are working to fix it, but in the meantime, we recommend using Chrome.

Could this explain your issue? If it'ssomething else we'd be happy to hear it too. (Also had some problems with older iOS versions...)

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Today we are proud to present the beta release of our new game: Tails ( It’s a multiplayer party game inspired by the classic 90’s game “Achtung die Kurve”. In this version you control the game with your phone and 2-10 players can play together.

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Technical stuff:

We use webRTC ( to enable controlling the game from the phone. The rendering is done with pixi.js (

If you enjoyed the game and want to buy us a coffee, please consider donating! Any amount is welcome :)

The game will be continuously updated, so stay tuned for more content coming soon!