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Ryan Silberman

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Really good presentation!

This is super impressive, and way more than I would ever thought of seeing when thinking of what a Pac-Man World fan project could look like. The attention to detail is quite admirable, as you guys manage to not only include all the moves from Pac-Man World 2, but also make it feel pretty close to how PMW2 did on PC, right down to the fluid HUD design and having the more trivial moves like the flip kick.

The visuals and set pieces in this level are lovely. The animations are nice and cartoonish, probly even moreso than in any game of the actual trilogy. 

That said, while this game does a great job imitating PMW2 mechanics, PMW2 also has its missteps. And I hope Palace does better than to delve into its pitfalls. Particularly, there should still be a Pac-Man feel. Collecting dots here already doesn't amount to anything, but it seems like you don't even get points. Not even by eating ghosts, which are the only enemy in this demo.

I'm also generally hoping the levels get more interesting in their designs, not just the visuals. This level here is a nice way to get acquainted with the game feel, but I'd like to see how things pick up from here.

All things considered, this is a very promising start! There's a lot of cool things to take away from this, and I hope the eventual finished project ends up being the Pac-Man World 4 PMW fans have been waiting for.

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I saw on reddit that VirusTotal doesn't seem to like this game

Five engines detect this as malicious.

I would like to submit these games for the bundle if it's not too late!

Missileman Origins:

Dynamite Alex:

Garrison Gauntlet:

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Hello! This is Ryan Silberman from Twitter and runner of No Context Pac-Man.

The game was certainly interesting. I wouldn't have thought to envision Klonoa in 3D, and the attempt here does have its merits. The movement is good, and the level is surprisingly lengthy.

The big thing I wanted to note is that the way the mouse controls work isn't as simple as I think it should be. When turning a 2D property into 3D, one thing you really want to take care of is being able to make the transition without complicating what was once simple. 

While Klonoa does bounce off of enemies, I don't think the rocketjumping mechanics work nearly as well as simply pressing a button to pick up and pressing again to bounce off. This made parts where there are multiple enemies over a gap pretty difficult for me to clear.

Still, all things considered, not a bad effort by any means.

Perhaps see what you can do here?


The executable is shown on the page.

Excuse me! I have something I want to enter in the jam, but it closed an hour before I noticed it. Can I please enter this:

Sorry for the wait! It will be released in 2 days!

Please email me at so I can send it privately. Thanks!

I will need proof. Email me a screen of your library and I'll provide a key from there.

May I see a picture of your purchases?

I sent the friend request on Steam to ask if I could get a review key of this game so I could review it for

Every vote is appreciated!

The game is still in Greenlight.