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Hello! This is Ryan Silberman from Twitter and runner of No Context Pac-Man.

The game was certainly interesting. I wouldn't have thought to envision Klonoa in 3D, and the attempt here does have its merits. The movement is good, and the level is surprisingly lengthy.

The big thing I wanted to note is that the way the mouse controls work isn't as simple as I think it should be. When turning a 2D property into 3D, one thing you really want to take care of is being able to make the transition without complicating what was once simple. 

While Klonoa does bounce off of enemies, I don't think the rocketjumping mechanics work nearly as well as simply pressing a button to pick up and pressing again to bounce off. This made parts where there are multiple enemies over a gap pretty difficult for me to clear.

Still, all things considered, not a bad effort by any means.

Thank you for your feedback! I had some friends telling me the same about the rocket jump mechanic so I did a quick update allowing you to just press jump again in the air while holding an enemy to double jump.