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The executable is shown on the page.

It still tells me to buy it, and it doesn't appear in my purchases page. This screenshot was taken after I bought the game a few minutes ago, and when I click the "Buy Now" button, it still takes me to the payment links. I also didn't receive any download links via e-mail.

Perhaps see what you can do here?

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I already read this link. Maybe I'll have to contact the support of 'cause it's the only thing I can do now. Thanks for the help anyway.

I have contacted support and they provided me the download link for the game. I apologize for any eventual inconvenience and for the late reply (they took the entire weekend to answer my e-mail). Also, thanks for the help and your attention. As a big fan of Megaman and other old-school platformers, I'll certainly enjoy playing your game. Thanks again ;)