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Yeah, it's like opening a surprise giftbox each time you start a game. Sometimes it's that cool gift with which you know what to do instantly, and sometimes it's a thing you need to get used to. But like "Roll the bones" in "WoW" - after some time, you search for the bonus (in this case, mechanic) that suits you best, neglecting all the others. I don't say explaining each mechanic in advance would fix this. I play rogue in "WoW" for a while, and  I haven't googled what bonuses can "Roll the bones" give, yet. As you said, knowing too much can ruin the experience. But, I do feel, in your case, that they could have been a bit more balanced. I found the platform one overpowered.

It sure is an interesting idea! :) And there are a lot of different alternative mechanics to try out, so great job on that! I must admit not all of them seem equally effective and fun, and the player does need some time to recognize them, and then adopt and incorporate them into their playstyle, but hey, that gives some replay value to it, so it's good :)

Amazing! Really good answer to the theme. You made a platformer that's actually a shooter! And you have great cute environment, art, and music, and basic gameplay elements employed in such an innovative way!

Really interesting and innovative, and it would be fun to see it with actual multiplayer on one keyboard, and of course, as some people mentioned in the comments with the WASD support. Great job!

Although the idea is quite cool and it seems unique, it doesn't feel like it when you play. The mechanic is almost the same as you are shooting, it's only a bit more complicated because you have to deflect. But god job nevertheless :)

An interesting concept I would like to see more of. Maybe the physics and options are too unpredictable for my taste, but I guess that's what makes it so fun! And it's a bit weird when you split a block in half and it "magically" stays in its original form.