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Thanks for the feedback. This was written in BP :)

I'm really fond of this gameplay as I've always wanted to make a puzzler that's super suited for VR/AR. So fond in fact that I'm continuing working on this game and have recently started to move things to C++ for efficiency and allow me to easily expand the gameplay mechanics:

Plan to release an expansion on the gameplay mechanic this weekend btw ;)

Will be posting in Twitter or my YouTube channel if you want to follow along and see the progress as it happens: 


No prob, I enjoyed making the game and livecoding. Congrats on a great jam! :)



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still always depends on how they code their lower level stuff and yeah, the publisher's will and market ;)

Have a play with UE in Linux and test for yourself as well its capabilities in the platform of your choice. Full engine code is also available in GitHub.

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hi thanks! It's enlightening to hear your comment regarding OS, will keep a note of that as a vr content developer.

Havent tried it but there's a (dev) Linux port for SteamVR, UE4 runs on Linux as well and most UE code as long as they are kept platform independent (which this game is) should "just run" in linux coz of UE4, so technically no hindrance or difference in development from what I live streamed except of course not using Visual Studio for the C++ coding part and yeah setting up a rig for it as not sure how good a VM would handle VR.

But very good point, will need to consider this for future projects ;)

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Thanks, am not worried, I did get that part ;) game runs/playable on Linux but only packaged binaries for Windows as that's what I can reasonably test with my rigs. It's mostly C++ & Blueprint with no platform dependencies in the code.

it's easy enough to package for Linux in Unreal (literally a single tickbox in the packaging menu), it's opensource so feel free to package and test in Linux using the dev port of SteamVR as my vr plugin's code handles Vive compatibility as well :) or simply use the Linux version of UE4 to play test from Editor.

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do you have the source? Id like to try to package. Itll be everything under the project folder including the .uproject file, you can skip the build, saved, binaries and intermediate floders. your github repo doesn't seem to have any UE project files.

could be true,  I read that rule differently.

lemme know if you need any help with Unreal, might be able to assist :)

A VR Jammer's status quo unfortunately :(

Open Jam community · Created a new topic VR Game?

HI are VR entries accepted?

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HI Norgg!

Thanks for having a look at it anyways, much appreciated :) Coming in I knew there won't be a lot of reviews for this VR entry but just wanted to join and support the Jam as I like its purpose & message, plus its heaps fun and always a learning experience.

No plans for converting the project to a non-VR one as the core mechanics are tightly bound to VR interaction. 

Thanks again for taking the time to have a look! (try pressing X  in-game ;) )


Hi Jimmy!

Really nice work there -- our team is doing a VR game and if you're up for it, we'll appreciate some hands on Art Direction and/or modelling.

We're currently brainstorming our game in Discord, let me know if you're interested and I can send ya an invite. (runeberg#9344 in Discord)


HI Mitch!

I'm looking to form a team to develop a VR entry (Vive & Rift) using UE, can alwys use a 3D modeller... hit me up if you're interested! to team up :)


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Hi folks!

Looking to form a team for a VR entry (Vive and Oculus Rift / Roomscale). I'm a VR Developer by profession so I do mostly code. I use Unreal Engine 4 exclusively (C++ & Blueprint) so looking for team mates who can work in UE, preferably 3D Modellers, Tech Artists, Animators & Sound designers.

I'm based in Oslo but can only collaborate after office hours and weekends. Hit me up if interested!


P.S.: My prior Game Jam entries (UE4):