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Thanks, am not worried, I did get that part ;) game runs/playable on Linux but only packaged binaries for Windows as that's what I can reasonably test with my rigs. It's mostly C++ & Blueprint with no platform dependencies in the code.

it's easy enough to package for Linux in Unreal (literally a single tickbox in the packaging menu), it's opensource so feel free to package and test in Linux using the dev port of SteamVR as my vr plugin's code handles Vive compatibility as well :) or simply use the Linux version of UE4 to play test from Editor.


Oh cool, had no idea unreal was that nicely integrated with Linux, I guess PUBG has no excuse then haha. I might go ask my friend if I can go try it on his Vive, good luck!

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still always depends on how they code their lower level stuff and yeah, the publisher's will and market ;)

Have a play with UE in Linux and test for yourself as well its capabilities in the platform of your choice. Full engine code is also available in GitHub.