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hahaha definitely not intended, but this is great!

Haha these are great!

Now thats a bit sus

Oh no! Didn't notice that bug until after I submitted, but I'll hopefully fix it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing my game and leaving feedback, I really appreciate it!

Yes I agree, ideally I should of had some sort of uniform health display for both player and enemy. Same with the dice bullets, the sprite means nothing gameplay-wise, it can all get quite confusing! The damage grace period is a great idea thanks! 

Thanks a lot! Glad you had fun!!

Thanks a bunch, though not too sure there are no bugs hahaha ;D

Thanks for checking it out!

Hey thanks so much! I tried to think a bit smaller than my previous years to hopefully make a better end product so I appreciate you saying that!

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you had fun!

Unreal vibes on this one! Congrats.

Jaw was on the floor for the whole performance. Bravo.

The art-style and overall presentation is insane! Lots of replay-ability too, nice one.

Mini-golf puzzler with dice? Yes please. I enjoyed scratching my head over some of these holes and actually appreciated the lack of randomness. Nice one!

Hey! Had fun climbing the tower and collecting dice, think I got lucky with the rolls on my run haha. Not sure about the sprint in its current state, I basically had shift glued down the entire time. Some audio as well would take it to the next level! Good job.

Yeah nice one, enjoyed playing through! Especially like the sound effects!

'You Die-d'. Yep, that's the good stuff.

Absolute chaos (in the best sort of way). Really cool visuals too.

What a cute, chill game, love your art style too! Some audio would be a nice next step!

Clever idea done really well! Love how the concept keeps getting built upon in each level, not to mention the really satisfying sound effects. Nice one, I had a good time!

Nice job on this! Played a handful where you have to precisely roll the dice and it's nice to see the inclusion of previews to the players moves. Showing where the player will land and on what face goes a long way!

Warioware-like pong? Yeah I'm down for that.

Simple and fun idea done really well! Really easy just to sit back and enjoy this one. Would be cool to have some way of telling the value you were rolling to, but even without I still had a good time!

Probably the most creative and functioning game I've played yet! Really like the choices in between levels and trying to find a path to roll the dice to maximize damage. Nice one.

I enjoyed this! Had some good fun, some really cool weapons in there.

Thanks so much for playing and giving feedback! I hear you on that yeah, think I confused things by having different rules for the player and enemies. All enemies dish out 1 damage and have 10 base health themselves but I don't really purvey that anyway.

Thanks again for all that! Glad you had a blast haha

No way! Thanks a lot for playing again haha

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Hey! Thanks for taking the time to play and leave your feedback!

I take note of what you're saying and I think it highlights a major flaw which is readability. For example all enemies do a flat 1 damage to the player despite the 'bullet-dice' displaying values; that's just purely cosmetic. Whereas the players dice sprite represents your health and I see how it could get confusing that don't just follow one rule.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Ha thanks, that means a lot! Cheese is always at the top of my priorities. 

That is a shame!

I like the pixel art and colour style of the game, though I kept getting over-run by enemies appearing around me

Well presented little arcade puzzler! Love the way the dice bounce when they land!

This was fun to get loads of power ups and dart all over the place! Some cool sound effects could've been cool though to see this was thrown together in couple hours is impressive!

Cool gameplay, I also liked that you could roll for your music as well ha! Maybe should be a limit on how many times you can reroll before a battle to enforce a certain level of randomness? Nice one!

Very satisfying audio and a nice chill game!

Cool idea, really good job with the music too!

I only had to survive for a minute, been very luck this Jam with my dice rolls so far haha. I enjoyed it, controlled well during my time and I like that you took the time for an introduction. Would've appreciated some tunes as I was blasting though. Overall nice job!

Yeah I like this one, cool bullet-helly pico8 game with a strong retro vibe. Cool cool.

Couldn't help myself just having one more go at this till I beat this! Art is crazy good, there is something mighty unsettling about this guys 360 degrees teeth... Had a ton of fun, and love how the music slowly builds the closer to that last stage you get!

Awesome entry this! Picked it up relatively quickly and had a blast, visuals off the charts too!