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No, Steam and this are two separated versions.

No, there are no plans for further ports. Just Windows.

Thanks for the play! u're pretty far now.

Hey, Armortale is on Holiday sale. Hope you'll enjoy it!

For sure, is more indie focused so it's a good choice.

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Full version, 1.06, released today!

Hi! Work came to the end and Armortale is launching on! To celebrate this event, I provide a 20% discount.

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Thanks for the report, this got fixed in the current build (1.05). Demo is version 1.02

Cool:) ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks. She loves crows!

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Thanks, glad you like! Answer is yes, I invested money into the production so it is a wise step to set some decent price for the game. It will first come to Steam and I will see how the game will be doing. It will probably reach itch and gamejolt later.

I re-uploaded it today. It's up now.

Only English. It was a small nightmare to translate game into English. 

No, not yet. I will announce closer date when I have one.

Thanks, man! Nice LP-

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I removed build of demo because of closed beta, we're fixing bugs and some got into demo. When I have stable build, I'll return it asap.

So yes, this was patched version of demo as game is still in closed beta, there are bugs and some weren' solved. Sorry about that! I will surely upload a new version when it will get more stable.

No! that's so odd! Someone went full playthru here:

I released a bit updated demo today,  fixed some bugs in there.  Tho I didn't test it, I believe it works! :D

Thanks! Yes, it is solo on game/code/art. I had small help with text translation at some parts as I fight with English a bit. And I work with a musician who composes the soundtrack.

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I worked year and half on this project, it is relatively small game. I am happy I managed to finish it!  It is now in closed beta before the release. Music is composed by Juhani Junkala.

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Hi, I just released Armortale demo here on

It is simple platformer inspired by NES games.


Armortale. Demo @

hi, no. this is pc only

A bit of critique and fair prereview in one video

CoalFire's Let's play, early alpha before December17 update

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I'd like to share my project here. I am an amatuer hobbyist, who enjoys fantasy. My project is 2D metroidvania-like platformer with RPG elements set in a fictional medieval fantasy world, accompanied by an original story.

I released an alpha demo, you can get it here

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Hi everyone, I am an amateur game dev hobbyist, I am creating small games over 15 years. I started with RPG maker, now am working with Clickteam Fusion for the last 3 years. . I'm non-English gamedev, I'd like to share my projects with the world too! My personal site is